Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Back Later (get it? - back?)Too Punny.

My back be killin' me. Upon awakening the pain begins. It is a sly kind of pain, one that tingles and jumps like the spark of electricity that occurs as you touch something metal after walking across the rug. Not knowing when the jolt will knock the wind out of you is breath holding - not taking. When that pain leaps into life it can go down your leg or weaken your knee or take away your confidence in standing erect very quickly. It goes as quickly and as elusively as it comes. Once I'm up and moving for a while and certainly after my shower the pain goes back to it's cave for a while. It's always there though, hovering somewhere and you never know when or why it may make a guest appearance. Motrin, you are ever on my mind. I would go for the muscle relaxers but i think they relax way more than muscle unless my brain is a muscle too, hmm, I think I might be on to something. I even have trouble taking those things when my head is right there near the pillow.


Joyful Days said...

You are witty even describing back pain. I sympathize, I've got a "tricky" back and never know when it will decide to show up--after a sneeze? Loading the dishwasher? At the grocery store? And yep, right down the leg. Ugh.

Omykiss said...

Oh dear ... back pain is a pain ... and I'm not being punny here .... or maybe just a little bit ;) take care of it, won't you..

Hello, this time, michele sent me ..

David said...

i have a great massage therapist that keeps my back all limber and in shape.
could not do what I do without massage.