Wednesday, April 02, 2008

There Now......Calm Down

I posted a blurb about the "recession" the press has been beating the drum about forever. Basically, the headline said Bernanke feared there might be one coming along which speaks to the fact that there hasn't been one at all regardless of what you might read in the papers or hear or watch on the network news. The point I was trying to make and commenters missed entirely was that THERE ISN"T A RECESSION the press just wants there to be so the evil Bush can take the blame for more of what is happening- or not happening as the case may be. The comments were that the recession isn't bothering the commenters at all ---- no kidding! THERE ISN"T ONE.

I'm tired. I have to go now and read about a fellow who was on Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory. He was talking about time travel. If you have never heard Coast-to-Coast, you have to. George is an amazing host. The show is on here in Massachusetts from midnight until the crack of oh-dark-thirty. Imagine the people who call in at that time. No, not me. I am drifting in and out of sleep and have no stregth for the phone call. George is respectful of every single blessed crazy person who calls in to report Big Foot sightings or their last trip in the flying saucer. He never seems other than totally sincere as he responds or questions or comments on their experiences. I wonder about his grip on reality from time to time but then......

One night recently George had a fellow on with an odd name and they were talking about time travel. Evidently some fragment of something had been sent from one place to another and so if they could perfect this what have you it would be possible to unassemble the human body, transport it through time and reassemble it wherever it was sent. Of course it may not be quite the same human body but . . . . . I fell asleep. What to my surprise when I opened the web page for Fox News and find that Time Travel is Possible and this whacko (pardon my expression) that I heard talking with George is a well respected Physicist who wrote a book. His name is Michio Kaku. Do you think he worries about his credibility factor being affected by mingling with the BigFoot people? Maybe there really is a BigFoot.

I have to go . . . .more wine. . . .hurry!!!

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