Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Have Mercy

Reading headlines again....Dennis Kucinich evidently is in a minor flap. Note the word minor. Since he is a Congressman all flaps will be deemed minor until forever. The flap concerns a letter he wrote to a judge to essentially intervene in a case. He sent the letter through a District Attorney I believe. The letter is a violation of a set of rules written by the House to prevent this sort of intervention from occurring. The Congressman states that the rules must be made clearer since he operated in the spirit of the rules as he interprets them. His legislative body writes the rules, he claims he follows the rules and then he states the rules are not clear and must be rewritten. By whom? Well of course by him.

I guess this only works when people know who you are, right?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Do You Know Who I Am?

Just a quickie. Reading the headlines only and I am struck by these two - paraphrasing here, Michael Jackson died heavily in debt, this was followed by, Michael Jackson's estate will pay his mother and children $1 million a year for living expenses. How can that be? Where will the money come from? Will that million be paid out before the debts are paid? Didn't think that could happen. I don't live in that world I guess. You know. The world where the law and rules are tossed aside. I'm in that world where when you say, "Do you know who I am?", the answer is a resounding, "NOBODY".

I remember a long time ago I was late filing my taxes. Not too late but late. I owed about a thousand dollars. I was fined more than I owed. My name was not Geithner or Rangel. I was just me. I know that my father died and his meager estate had to pay all debts before any distribution could be made. The taxes on that estate by the way, onerous and burdensome, had to be paid first and then the rest of the bills. His name was not Michael Jackson or Ted Kennedy.

I figure that we, the little nobodies of the world, we work and earn and are taxed and fined and triple fined so that they, the bigshots everyone knows, can grab and cheat and let slide and live large and ride the big ride. I guess that's the world as it's been from the beginning of time. I find it amusing that those bigshots want to redistribute the wealth. Not theirs of course. I figure they want to find a way to get even more of what little they have left us and redistribute it to themselves. Oh Yeah. I know who they are.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

AAA Roundup

I said there would be pictures and such but all pictures are on the husband's computer to which, he says, I have access but I try and try and no luck. We had such a wonderful time. His ex family and children are so swell! I know. My mother would be saying, "You just don't think before you jump and you don't know who these people are and." Blah Blah Blah.......maybe so. But they are all so nice and we had such a great time and his daughter is what anyone would want a daughter to be and his son, (ok, he has some troubles but) he is such a good kid, (the operative word is KID), that it is hard to go wherever there is.

Later and there will be a later, there will be pictures of the landscape at least. We went fishing and caught HUGE fish and got great tans.

What fun..

And, by the way, Gulfport was pretty much devastated thanks to Katrina. Anyone hear of that? Yeah. I thought you didn't. Also by the way. Every one we talked to there...and we talked to a lot of non-family people... Every one had nothing but good words for GW and FEMA....imagine that? Hmmmmmm.....wonder why there is such nasty talk about both when Katrina is discussed. Also....New Orleans damage was due to the broken levees...after the storm passed. They weren't hit by K like the areas to the East. This country is being so manipulated.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

On the Road

Tomorrow the husband and I hit the road for a long overdue reunion with his children. I think I have blabbed this earlier but he was married very long ago when he and his bride were barely out of high school. Two children very quickly and he was in the service and away for long stretches. It didn't work. The split was not friendly and he has not seen or heard from or contacted the children in well over 30 years. Yikes.

They have made contact obviously and he and his daughter talk very frequently. He and his son are not quite so connected but friendly and circling, you know how that is. We are going to them and will spend 10 days getting to know them and them us. Pray for peace and gentleness. Patience will be a good thing too. Somehow, after all this time, my husband thinks it should all be fine. He has trouble with the slowness of his son's connecting. I keep saying "Baby steps", I love that movie..What about Bob?

Pictures and stuff along the way since I am bringing the computer. Now I must pack.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Letter to Obama

Dear President Obama,

Could you please put down that Saul Alinsky playbook and read something about how to be a President?

Thank You,


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

To My Dad

To my Dad -- his birthday was August 28th, he would have been 97, instead, he's been gone for 10 years. I miss him every minute of every day but not as much as years go by. Not as much is nuts. The pain is less but the loss is the same. Yes. Mother. I miss you too. But now is the worst time for me. It's the end of summer and you are all gone. I am alone here, in the place where summer was forever. I remember after my mother died, I was here with my dad and it was the first time since I was 20 that I had been here for more than a week end. My dad was so done in with the loss of my mother. I wrote;

I see him there now
standing in the bathroom,
Curtain in his hand
Looking out the window,
forehead leaning on the pane.
Oh. The Pain!

The journey is so difficult,
the traveling companions few.

The way is strewn with obstacles,
we often go forward rather than around.

We forget we can't climb up and over
anymore or maybe we can't see it till we get there.
Our eyes aren't what they used to be either.

But once we see that hurdle, we
sap the little strength we have proving
We can still move on the way we choose.

How can it be otherwise? If it were
it would mean we must retrace our steps..

Go back and correct the mistake?
Oh! No!

Who is there to see us do so?
The way is set and there is no turning back.

Who Made That Rule??

Who Could that Have Been?

He must not know the Father I know
Who welcomes you as you return from that journey
unwisely planned and foolishly attempted.

Not admitting an error
Not turning back to correct.

I Love You Dad and You Too Mom!!