Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Truth? or Consequences! headlines this morning "Bernanke warns of recession". What??? From all the news and headlines and recent front page of a paper in London I thought we were deep into that recession to the point of depression. How many times can Chicken Little scream the sky is falling and believe the sky might fall? When does the chicken realize that screaming it does not make it so? There are those who think the power of the press is absolute power, POWER! They will force their version of reality upon us regardless of the truth. The truth is that words do not reality make. That Depression? Well that only exists among those people who actually read the news and believe it or those that watch the networks and believe that. Those people are mightily depressed. Maybe the Prozac contingent owns the newspapers. Oh well. There are those of us who search for truth, justice and the American Way. (Here is where that blue jersey with the red "S" comes in handy.) We will not be led calmly down that garden path.


colleen said...

We probably are in a recession but I don't feel it (except for gas prices) a bit because I don't live in that world. I think the press contributes to negativity by over sensationalizing news. Like these shooters. They're making it a new kind of fame that sick people choose more and more. Here from our friend who wears nice shoes...Michele!

Brian said...

Oops. The little people mustn't be scared by all the news flying around. If you're on Wall Street, the party rolls on.

Thanks for the visit. :)

Sara said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...I am thrilled to be Michele's site of the Day!!!!

And, I don't tend to worry about the recession - I live in a quiet little world that doesn't require a lot of "material" things.