Sunday, January 17, 2016

I'm a Slacker

I started 2016 so well.  I was going to be fairly regular in posting bits and pieces.  I was, honestly.  But then, my arthritic dog who is 11 decided to be fussy about food and I spent more time researching what dog's might find irresistible in hopes that she would find the same things so.  She didn't.  I buy chicken thighs and skin them and boil them and cover everything nutritious with them and she picks the pieces of chicken out and leaves the rest.  Sigh!

Then my husband came down with a cold and you know how men are.  They never get colds, it's near pneumonia and the only way to get through it is to vocalize the agony with moans and groans and wheezes and coughs etc.  So, excellent person that I am, I ran and fetched and appropriately nodded and made sounds that were taken as sympathetic and the end result?  I got the damned cold.  I have to admit it's a doozy.  My biggest problem is that I have taken DayQuil and it's wonderful but I want to have a cocktail and am experiencing terrible angst over this.  Should I?  Shouldn't I?  Oh hell!  I Should!  and Will!

Meanwhile --  yesterday.  He did it again.  Go Pats!!

Monday, January 04, 2016

Get the Facts Mac

I’m reading a book called “The Well Educated Mind: A Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had” by Susan Wise Bauer.  It’s a great resource for those of us who have been away from formal education for, shall I say, a spell?  At any rate I haven’t gotten very far but I am mulling over the first bits where she states (and I paraphrase), there are three foundation blocks to education:  first get the facts, second analyze them, then third form an opinion.  This morning I realized that she was absolutely correct when she said that the vast majority of us jump to step three immediately and for proof she referred us to any talk show on the air.  She’s on point for sure!!

The topic this morning was the take over of a government facility in Oregon.  Most facts were obtained through the lurid headlines which stated that a heavily armed miltia has stormed the facility and vow to remain under any and all circumstances.  Opinions were formed and voiced and no facts were scrutinized. 

I had to turn off the radio because, I’m afraid that all of the fools calling in with little or no information rang too true to home for me.  I have thousands of opinions, some are backed by solid facts but too many are just opinions and a result of skimming the surface of the various stories thrown out there.  Lesson learned, well, for the moment.  Old habits are hard to break but --- it can be done.