Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just Checking In

This week has been a tad dizzy.  Oral surgery for the hubby yesterday so most of the week was filled with his anxious mood changes although he will deny every word of that.  He did have valium to take prior to the appointment and although he said they did not help at all, the muscles of his face denied that.  He kind of started to look like a melted candle and at one point he was staring at nothing and became a mouth breather.  Glad that part is over.  It all went well and only one more appointment on Tuesday.

Weather is the topic of the day and since I have the dog walking duties of late, I can testify to the nastiness of 10 degrees with a brisk wind in your face.  Last night I wore silk inserts for my gloves since during the morning walk, even though I wore my heaviest duty gloves, I could not feel my fingers when I got home.  The inserts really helped but they are my husbands and too large so I still could not feel my fingers because of the thickness of the gloves over the inserts but my hands stayed warm.  My forehead was frozen and felt inside like that old "ice cream freeze" thing.  Hurry up April!!

I am typing with band-aids on just about every finger since this below freezing weather cracks my skin.  Once cracked, forever until Spring cracked.  Johnson&Johnson stock should soar.  I try my best for the economy folks.  I truly do.  Last year I discovered that using Polysporin every day for two months creates a bigger issue than the cracked skin you are trying to heal.  It seems that you develop a reaction to that stuff and it actually begins to burn away the healthy tissue.  Also.  Once that occurs.  Don't use it again.  It does the same thing but immediately.  Trust me!

Lunch with one of the nieces today and we are looking forward to it.  She's a peach, as are all of them but you know, she's here or will be later and so we have always worked with the "your favorite is the one you're with" method.  They all know this and too bad for those who aren't with us.  They will be favorites next time, if we see them.  Love them all to pieces.

Have to go load up the pellet stove for the day.  It will be running non-stop if the temperature doesn't move in the upward direction.  At least the sky is blue and beautiful.  Later.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Scott Brown Fun

Well...congratulations to us!!  Have to say it feels good.  We did a good job here in MassTaxachusetts.  For a change.  I know you will find this hard to believe but my husband and I had Scott Brown yard signs in front of the house and along the side, we're on a corner lot.  Today I heard someone knocking on  our front door.  No one ever uses the front door.  It took me a while to realize that was where the knocking was coming from.  I answered, finally, and it was a very cute little man with a large smile and he introduced himself and told me where he lived.  He said his wife was MADLY in love with Scott Brown and he wondered if he could have one of our yard signs to take home to her.  I gathered that he was not as much in love and probably was afraid of the backlash from his other party neighbors if he let her put a yard sign out during the campaign but was well and up the sign could go.  I said fine...go with the sign and peace and love and oh yeah, WE WON!!!!!

How fun was that?

Later that same day I am doing my domestic duties, dusting and such.  Hah!  Like that could be true.  I was sitting here at the computer reading everything there is to read about the afterglow of the election and some one knocks at our side door.  What? is? going? on?  This time of year no one knocks at any door.  It's winter.  We are at Cape Cod near the ocean in a very summer area.  Two in one day is incredible.

I answer the door to a very tall guy, gray hair, big smile who grabs my hand, shakes it and thanks me for Scott Brown.  He said we saved the country.  I am not kidding.  He's from New Jersey, drove by, saw the yard sign and wants to take it back with him.  I direct him to the side of my garage where I have a couple.  "You're just in time," I said.  "I have these that I was wondering what to do with."

"You could sell them for a fortune back in New Jersey."  he said.

"Go for it."  I told him.  He then proceeded to tell me that he was a retired exec from a health insurance company.  Forty years in.  He was disgusted with all the deals and pay offs and bribes and generally with the direction this in power crowd was trying to move our country and how they were willing to do it.

New Jersey sure did their part when they could.   We pushed back in Massachusetts.  Now who's next?  What exciting times we live in.

Monday, January 18, 2010


GO SCOTT BROWN!!! I love him.......he is such a normal guy!!!  Common sense and so decent. 

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Good news Sunday

The husband will be home tomorrow if all goes well today.  He is about to eat real food, of course it will be low fiber and low sodium and low taste and . . ., well you got the picture.  If that real food causes no disturbance then he will more than likely be discharged tomorrow.  My days will be easier since he will be here.  The 4 or 5 hours spent at the hospital (I include the commute and errands to and from) will be better spent here.  I can sit and read and nap or knit or . . . .

Happy Sunday and hope you have good news today too.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Starting the New Year

Happy New Year!  We start off with a hospital stay.  My husband is back in with emergency surgery.  The colon surgery he underwent in October left him with adhesions that were cutting off circulation in his small intestine and the pain hit on Friday evening.  We were in the emergency room on Saturday and that afternoon he was whisked away to surgery.  All went well and he is recovering as I write.  The incision is in the same spot but larger and the recovery will be as long if not longer than before.  Sigh.

So there you have it.  God is good though.  He saw to it that we moved quickly and He arranged for the surgeon who operated on him in October to be on duty so there would be no delay in correcting the situation.  Everyone was in the right place at the right time.  Thank You Lord.

And now on with my day.  Once again I realize how much that man does when he is home and well.  My chores seem to never end now.  At least when I hit the pillow I sleep like a rock.  We're expecting snow today...oh, that's right, it's January.  I must find that darned shovel.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Hopey New Year

Hope for 2010

  • Had breakfast yesterday at a really lovely place in Hyannis. The waitress was chatty and one thing led to another and the next thing you know we are talking about our resolutions for the New Year. She is not going to be so immersed in the news. She then proceeded to immerse us in the news and her opinion. We found that her opinion is our opinion. We are conservative to the core and disgusted with the direction this state and this country is going in. We, the waitress and my husband and I, are total supporters of the Tea Party movement and backing Scott Brown for Senator all the way. We both pray fervently that our “leaders” in Washington have a good life somewhere other than in power. If she and I can so clearly see that our country is being led by the wrong people…I have hope that many others can see that as well and 2010 will see some major shake ups in the political world.

  • I read that the Mayo Clinic in Arizona is dropping Medicare patients in advance of the Obamacare roll out. Currently they are losing money and they see nothing but bigger losses ahead. A friend of mine, ostrich like in her view of the world, feels that I am a drama queen when I predict my future under this administration. Since I am 66 and on Medicare through no choice of my own, it’s mandated, and I have some cardiac issues, I know I will be cast to the pain pill heap and left to pay my own way as well as pay for the non care Medicare will be providing. She poo poo’s that and uses her vast knowledge of the medical world to cast aspersions on the insurance companies. She has worked in the Medical world and her take on insurance companies is that they are evil. For some reason she doesn’t translate that knowledge into what the government will do when they ARE the insurance companies. Maybe this Mayo Clinic thing will change her mind. At least it might begin to change some of the blindered fools who think this will be wonderful.

  • God is always on His throne and totally in charge of the Universe. Things can change in the blink of an eye and God never blinks.

There are more reasons than these that there is hope for 2010 and as I have the time and energy I will throw them out here. Happy New Year to all.