Wednesday, June 27, 2007


All right, I have been working and working and not learning any new things and I have set me some goals for sure. I want to learn all there is to learn about EBAY and selling stuff. Help me out here. What do I have to do, where do I go to learn all of the super selling skills to unload me of tons of tons of stuff.

Also I have to read my Bible more diligently. I listen to everyone who talks about the Bible. Woodrow Kroll(sp?) and John MacArthur and Robby Zacharias and David whatsisname....oh I could go on -- and on -- and I might but I won't...I listen all the time early morning and late in the night. The Bible answer man is another and Focus on the Family and yadadayada. BUT I must do my own reading of the Word. I love it and need to do it. I must get disciplined.

I also must strectch and strengthen my body.... I am old Father whatever your name is and I need to work on

Since leaving off there and now I have been suffering with such severe neck pain that in order to get the head looking to the left, the whole body must move there. I am typing now to clean this post up but it hurts to do this so BYE......

Monday, June 25, 2007

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I wrote this earlier

A beautiful day in the neighborhood, the sun is out, the sky is blue, my husband is glad to be with me and vice versa, we have a great rescue dog who is improving daily, no, make that monthly. She is a really lovely dog but like all of us she has flaws. The flaws are not fatal thank you. She LOVES people and zoooooms in on them with all 94 pounds of her. Yikes! That plus the Rottweiler face will do it for most. There are those who hold their ground and are rewarded with wagging and wagging and my husband huffing and puffing to hold her back. Great leaping whines of joy and licks follow.

We are done with the walk and she has twanged herself into a nap. It’s exhausting being a giant puppy.

I am attempting to work from home and the computer remote access is on again and off again. I have downloaded most of what I need to this computer so I should be able to get most of what I want done. This has been a very funny time for me. I keep thinking I’m depressed and then again I feel fine. I think the change of seasons always has me in a bit of an emotional swirl. Just when I think I’m so well balanced. Well the point of that statement is to say that I should have taken some vacation time for this week and just stayed home. No. Couldn’t plan ahead so here I am finding any excuse to stay home and try to get the guilt of not working washed away by working at home. Make sense to you? Me either.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Another day, another day, as they say. Who are they that say that?

At any rate it is Friday and soon the weekend. Today is a day of meetings meetings meetings and during the mix, I have to have brake fluid put into my car which seems to be leaking that stuff. I don't have time to leave the car so fill the fluid, leave for the weekend and then upon return, drop off the car and leave it for repair.

Such is my lot in life. Meet and fix and meet some more and clean and haul and

I could go on and on but won't. Today is a glorious sunny day, a beautiful fat red cardinal of the loudest mouth ever is sitting nearby in one of those trees shouting out how happy he is to be here. How could I not be too? God Bless us everyone. Happy Friday and have a Wonderful as well as Wonderfilled Weekend.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Paying your own way

Haven't posted about a dream for ages. Had one last night that sort of woke me up. Some boy was going to college and was given the amount of money he had to pay. He was on his own and couldn't get a loan I guess. I don't know who he was or how I was involved beyond hearing and seeing him. I couldn't see who was talking to him I could only hear. Once he was told how much money he had to earn to pay the tuition he was told that going to college and graduating, Paying for everything on his own would be a major or significant feat. It would not, however be the most significant and thus would not be the only significant event in his life. I woke up.

What the hey? I don't have a clue but it still is with me.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Too Much to ponder

I am organizing my Internet favorites folders. I do this every now and then and I discover things about myself. I have to name the folders that I put blogs into and today I discovered that I like blogs that deal with current events and do it in a cut and dried way -- there aren't many of these and I tend to mix them in with CNN and Fox and Drudge and call that my news folder and I call that News1. Then I have a LOT of opinion laced ranting type blogs and these are portioned out between my lesser news folder entitled News and the pure blog stuff called Blogs1. Pretty darned clever of me so far right? Stick around. It gets better.

In the blogs stuff I have those I have to check every day and so I left them in the Blogs1 folder and created a Blogs folder for those others that I don't want to lose but sometimes they go stale (in my opinion) so I only check in from time to time. So far, four folders. Today I created a new category, I call it Soap Blogs. Here is where I find my greatest interest. These are a blend of news, rant and day to day activities of the blog host/hostess. I love to check and see what the bump on the ankle, the nausea, the unopened letter turned out to be. The pregnancy test, the sex of the child, the name of the new puppy you got it, I am a voyeur. I love to read diaries, look through anybody's photo albums check out yards and rooms and WHAT is wrong with me. I think I said ages ago that I could be, with a bit of encouragement, a peeping thomasina. I don't want to see any titillating actions, setting a table or washing the dishes is OK. I am way too curious about everybody on this planet and what makes them tick, how they live, what they do for recreation and how relationships are working for them. I am the same way with me by the way. I "search and ponder" the motives for my thoughts and behaviors. I look at my surroundings with an eye for . . would this appear normal to a visitor?

Oh me. Time to carry on. Why did I say carry on as opposed to get on with my day? What do you suppose I meant by that. Is the day ahead some kind of burden to be lifted on my shoulders and hauled along? Hmmmmmm

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

If wishes were horses

I am determined to enter a thought or at least words every day. There are great gaps of time during which I have no thoughts which should be recorded. The words are not easily found at that time either. The fingers on the keys typing are heavy and slow and .. .. .. you get the picture.

A friend of mine called yesterday. I saw her less than a month ago close to her birthday. She has spent years allowing her husband and mother to do for her and define her as helpless. I think that she thought she was very clever back then. She never had to food shop or clean the house more than a swipe here or there. Laundry was ok but not done on a regular basis. She had two kids that she brought up but the big stuff with the kids seemed to be left to the husband. They were boys and so that was right.

Now she is fit to be tied. The boys are gone and husband and mother, very old but capable, still treat her as a doorstop. They dismiss her opinions and mother orders her lunch for her, buys her clothes, tells her how to wear her hair. Husband picks out the drapes and the furniture, hangs the pictures, picks the tile for the bathroom, sends her to stay with her mother when his family arrives to visit for several weeks in the summer. Boy does she have anger issues. Boy when I think how I envied her years ago. As I worked two jobs to get through those bad days. As I watched everyone have kids and didn't. As I saw husbands providing for the household while mine drowned depression with scotch and eventually committed suicide. As I as I as I....

When my mother was in her dreary poor me moods I would cheer her up by telling her about everyone else's troubles. How sick is that? Am I still doing it? I hope not. I hope I am planning my future by not doing what I did all those years ago....I don't want to wish my time away by looking at the outside of someone else's life. The inside is messy just like my's their mess and they have to deal with it just as I have to deal with mine.

God has us in the palm of his hand and loves us more than we ever will love ourselves. Let God take care of us. Blessings on all. Have a good day.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Done in and Done

Totally exhausted. Meeting after meeting after meeting today and then call after call from my friends and their reports on dysfunctional families. Believe me!! I have some experience there. Top it all off with political news of a migraine nature and I am done. Tomorrow is another day and on that note...God Bless you everyone.

Role Models

Just a quickie to keep this thing current. I was just reading Page Six in the NYP and what a hoot! The modern day celebs are all either in Jail or rehab or out on the town conflicted about their sexual identity. Five more years and the state asylums will be back and filled with the stars of tomorrow. Our young people have such fabulous role models.

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Need for Consistency

This immigration thing. Can the politicians really be so tone deaf? No one, well almost no one wants to throw the baby out with the bath water but honestly, do the politicians really thing that in the USA we want to reward line jumpers and law breakers? I guess they do. Rather than do away with the laws to deal with illegals why don't they concentrate on making it easier for legals to move into our system. . . what a world. The people they can make jump through hoops are given hoops higher and smaller to jump through. The people that defy them they appease. We are so conflicted. No appeasement in the Iraq arena but roll over and grovel here at home. People are angry because of the inconsistent application of law. Order depends on the agreement of both groups of people...those the order is imposed on must agree to follow the rules and when the rules are broken, those charged with maintaining order must agree to impose the penalties according to the rule of law. Chaos and frustration reign when the balance is disturbed and boy, the balance she is being disturbed.