Saturday, April 12, 2008

Advice for the Campaign

Dear Obamas,

Please stop the self righteous lecturing about what I need or don't need. Please don't tell me that all those years ago when I worked in a very diverse community, I was in the minority for seven years at my place of employment, Please don't tell me that everyone I worked with, socialized with, went to weddings and showers with and for, attended christenings and wakes and funerals with and for, please don't tell me that they all hated me and wanted me destroyed by God. Please don't tell me all of those lovely co-workers and some still friends attend churches that tell them I am the enemy. Please stop the fantasy that we in America are either poor and bitter and spiteful or fat and rich and greedy or nasty and racist and

You exhaust me with your negative rhetoric and untrue tales of the USA. Please go away and come back with the truth.....take a's not what you have been talking about.

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