Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Whirl of a Weekend

The weekend was weddings and funerals and wakes. Interspersed with food of every variety. The services were eclectic and the food was international. We had Thai and Mexican and Italian and Indian foods. The groups of people we mingled with at each event were as eclectic as the foods we ingested.

One crowd at a memorial service for my used to be mother and father in-law consisted of very wealthy friends and neighbors of my late first husband's brother. They were all well heeled as we who aren't say and they all had more than one home and brand spanking new vehicles of the luxury types and diamonds and jewels of all sorts. The women were so well groomed and toned that I felt like an overstuffed laundry bag. Nails were all beautifully manicured and toes were done well also. I sat on my broken and unpainted nails and tried to not gesture in any way at all and if you think I was about to take my shoes off and show those feet to the world, you have another think coming. When all was said and done, they were all pleasant company and once I got past the insecurities I always feel and try not to the afternoon was fine.

The wedding we attended was filled with scholars and alternate life styles and young people striving to thumb their nose at conventional anythings. They were also not as young as they used to be and it was interesting to watch the tug of war that goes on when the rebel meets the reality of the need to earn a living and support a family. Those canvas high top sneakers purchased at the thrift store may not finish off the three piece suit you bought for the big interview but if you wear them both at a social event where you will run into the gang you hung with in college you won't seem quite so middle class and mundane. It might be that no one really gets that you are definitely a Lesbian (note the Capital L) and so you really need to wear a tuxedo with a white tux shirt not tucked in and roll the sleeves up to show off the new tattoo and if that doesn't do it - shave your head and pierce your lip and eyebrow and whatever else is showing. Arm wrestling is always kind of a sure sign as well so be sure to challenge people as you wait for the reception to begin.

Ah Young People. I don't remember being that young ever!!! It was a great and fun time though. The bride was so lovely and the groom so in love. It did my heart good to take that in. Hope you all had a good week end.

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