Saturday, March 31, 2007

Another Day

Another day another day. Didn't earn that dollar yesterday and probably won't today. It's Saturday and I recall my mother saying years ago that she didn't work on Saturdays. Of course, she didn't work outside of the home so everyday was a work day for her. She did vacuum however on Saturdays if any of her young had partied on Friday and thought they could sleep in. Her favorite thing to do was to vacuum under the bed you happened to be sleeping in and if that didn't do the trick she would empty ashtrays, yes, everyone smoked, into those metal wastebaskets making sure to rap the sides often and hard. She had to gather those ashtrays from who knows where because no one smoked in the bedrooms. Or maybe we did...I only remember smoking in the bathroom as I put on my makeup to go out. Now not only do I not smoke, I don't wear makeup and as far as going out....well I go outside but not out as we used to refer to out. Ah yes. Another day indeed

Friday, March 30, 2007

Culture of Corruption my Foot

Dear Harry Reid,

You are a liar and a poser and a cheap politician. You are playing a nasty game with the American people and most of us, regardless of the results of the last election, see through your ridiculous posture. There is no way that you can blame the President for the non-funding of our troops. No. Wait. You can do anything can't you? Well yes. You have for all the years you've been sitting in the power seat reaping all the rewards possible for you and your family and those that worship at your throne. You're not alone either. Check out that Diane Feinstein and her grasp of political nuance. She grasped in the hundreds of millions and yet still had the breath to accuse those rascally republicans of corruption. Then there's that Jefferson fellow and those Clinton rascals and yet.....damn those right wing wackos. That culture of corruption. That culture seems to be all inclusive and I shun all of you. As if you care. I'm only a tax payer who has to live by the laws you all impose and then disregard. The laws after all are only in place to control the unwashed mouth breathers who grind out the fodder you need to fluff up your happy little lives of privilege.

Feet of clay and then some.

We're surrounded by them. I'm in Massachusetts. Pray for me. I pray for God to change their hearts every day but I fear their hearts are harder than Pharoah's.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Heaven Help Us

I am so deadly exhausted from Democrat self-righteous lies and nonsense. I don't want to hear yeah buts and then listen to a litany of what republicans ever did because just as your 12 year old shouldn't get away with that, oddly enough, I don't think that's appropriate for adults. Oh. Wait. No adults out there.

Isn't that the truth? This country is being run by a bunch of entitled moronic 12 year olds. Maybe they're not even 12. They attack and fight like less that 12 year olds. They're vicious and petty and make the Lord of the Flies look like a warm cozy fairy tale. Oh, soo sorry. Can I say fairy tale?

And that's even more pathetic. The HATE SPEECH junk and HATE CRIME LAWS. As if you can't tell the difference between words used in their correct form and words used as insults or for hateful purposes. Oh. Wait. Those adolescents running our lives think they are the grown-up intelligent people of the bunch. We are mired down here, unwashed and drooling. We are only capable of bowing and paying whatever taxes they impose to make their lives more secure and luxurious. Look at that Feinstein woman. Merciful Mother. After her husband's company or maybe her family's company making millions or more thanks to contracts she oversaw, after overseeing the branch of the congress responsible for the mess at the veterans' rehab sites, after both of these bits of news poked through the fog of propaganda we are buried with every waking moment, she resigns. Not that she leaves her elected position, no she resigns the seat on the committee that entitled her personally to so much.

I'm amazed that there are so many of us that think this is fine and dandy. I am praying for all of us now that our eyes will be opened so that we can see and our ears start working so we can hear. Heal our hardened hearts Lord and lead us out of this enslaved madness that our leaders have created.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Trash talk and Consequences

Just read an editorial on the Opinion Journal of the Wall Street Journal and it was concerning trash talk on the internet and how some site had wild conversations naming names and ruining the reputations of a number of law students. Evidently the site was well read and a particular student was denied employment due to the trash thrown around on that site. I think that the main concern is that the internet is like the wild west and needs to be regulated. My feelings are that the internet is a mirror of the normal lines of communication to the masses. Take those talking heads for instance. Dan Rather, who could ever forget his attempt to trash talk GWB. He used actual evidence. It could have been real at least. His story, he claimed, was real. The evidence must be out there somewhere. I know he wanted to further damage W. He had a lot of support. When the evidence proved to be false he still didn't care nor did many others. Truth after all is relative, right?

Then take most of the articles in the NY Times. Get someone to say what you want and quote them. That person may be a paid spokesperson for the side the NYT is supporting but no one has to know that. What that person may be saying could be the biggest fattest lie known to man but who cares? It's a quote and a good one and it serves the purpose of taking someone or something down.

Look at Jimmy Carter. Does he care that his recent book has been criticized by many scholars and well respected intellects? Not at all. It says what he believes to be true and if he gets enough people to listen to him it will be true.

Do I have to mention Al Gore? I thought not, or the Dixie Chicks or George Clooney or Cameron Diaz for Pete's sake. Experts each and every one with a bagful of facts to back up the nonsense they spew forth.

These college students are merely falling in line with the role models of the MSM and the people holding the microphone.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Offsets for Sale

Erin goes bra-less. That was how we used to greet St Patrick's day back in Jr. High. I guess there is no such thing as Jr. High now, is it called Middle School? That's like Middle Earth right? Anyhow it sure didn't pay to be named Erin back in those days and actually I don't think I even knew an Erin.

We had the usual Global Warming kind of weekend. Twenty degrees Fahrenheit, windy and snowy followed by buckets of rain and more wind and milder temperatures, thirties or so and then cold again. Imagine what the weather would have been if it weren't for that Warming thing? My husband and I were chatting as we drove around the world to do errands and he was going on a rant about those carbon offsets that people were buying. I think there's a sale this week. They are putting up tables at the Middle School and the kids can buy enough offsets to allow them to actually breathe heavily and fart. You think I joke? Wait and see. Girl Scouts will have to ditch the cookies due to trans fats and they'll be selling those offsets door to door.

Now that the foundation is in place, Al is set up like Jimmy Jones, he just hasn't moved his minions to an isolated location yet. His followers will be selling offsets at the airports and bus terminals dressed in green. Offsets for Mother's Day will be all the rage. Hallmark will be printing special gift cards. Tom Cruise - Eat your heart out. Forget that Clear stuff . . save the an offset.

I have to get a life...I really do.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sharing the Gospel

Went to a friend's house last night and of late we have been talking about Christianity. She was raised Catholic and for a spell fell away but since her mother died she has been back to church. Two weeks ago we were discussing the trinity and she was astounded that Protestants knew about and believed in the trinity. She, being a child of the times, had never strayed from the Catholic church except to leave. She never went elsewhere...that lightening bolt thing you know. She told me that until our talk two weeks ago she never really thought about the cross and being washed clean. She thanked me for the understanding she now had about Jesus and what He did for us.

I truly feel like a disciple. I have shared the Gospel and that person heard me....Praise God.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Flying Fears

Had a thought in the shower where a lot of thoughts come and go. The thought sprung from a headline story, biggest joke in the world what the news thinks of as headline, stop the press kind of stuff. A woman is suing some airline because they won't guarantee a peanut free flight and her 2 year old is allergic to peanuts. What a life this 2 year old will have huh? The world changes to accommodate his/her problems. I thought, what if he/she had a fear of the color blue. It could happen. Would the parent then sue to ensure that all blue-eyed people wear goggles? Should all car manufacturers cease and desist and re-paint all existing cars. I mean this child has such terrible panic attacks when confronted with the color blue that he/she passes out due to lack of oxygen, or is it too much oxygen. Regardless. What then? So the germ of an idea about a children's book has been born -- Blue Man Group must go!!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I just heard Bob Dylan, the Bob Dylan from , I don't know 1962, the Bob Dylan I LOVED back then. I knew all the words to everyone of his beautiful poetic Guthrie type songs and WOW. That was then. This is now. I am no longer 18 and determined to be different than my parents and actually everyone of my peers. I am no longer determined to be singled out and stand above the others as someone unique and DEEP thinking. I have gotten over this nonsense since I am over 60 and comfortable with who I am and what I am doing with what I have. Why aren't all the other fools I was moving with doing the same? It's like they have all suddenly discovered Dylan and the poetry of the 1960's which was really garbage but not in the brain of an 18 year old. This baby boomer stuff is ridiculous because most of them are still babies.

Friday, March 02, 2007

A Matter of Money

I guess I'm a once a week poster girl. Seems so. All week I work at the office and on Friday's I work at home and so it's easier to do this now. I would normally be commuting at this point in the day so I feel no guilt sitting here at the computer seeking my own pleasures.

I just ran through the headlines of the day and see that Anna Nicole is getting ready for the viewing. Bout time. Even the church is making a buck or rather 5000, per satellite dish. Wow! This should be an uplifting and edifying service.

There are two lawyers on the front page of the NY Post and they have moved some money for sure. The female of the species worked at a major investment firm and her husband, lawyer as well, he helped. Fifteen million the story says, at least that's what they know of. The two appear to be young, hip and are described as the top echelon of whatever investment firm it was she worked for. I hate to be judgemental, ok, I don't so I will. Money and privilege and entitlement breed this behaviour. Young and bright and catered to brings it out even more. I'm sure the whole thing is borderline and defensible. After all they're hardly more than children. Who wouldn't want the children to have whatever their ego's need to move through that other America and hold their heads high. How could they live properly without the $$$$$.

That's all for now. An old acquaintance once told me, when all sorts of horrible stuff was happening, that I shouldn't be concerned about any of the issues. When all was said and done it was always only a matter of money. Sigh.......