Thursday, February 26, 2009

East LA all over again

Does anyone else think of the LA looting spree following Rodney King's beat down when the news comes on about the next newest budget spending spree the Dems are pulling off? All I envision as the next trillion or so dollars are moved along are people breaking huge windows, grabbing armloads of goodies and running for who knows where. "Start the car" is being screamed out as the next Obama spree is enacted into law. Good grief what have we come to?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Heart Geert Wilders

Why is the film by Gert Wilders such a horror show for the Muslims? They threaten to bring 10 thousand screaming maniacs down on his head and this is from the religion of peace. I don't get it. The scenes from the film are from newsclips and publicly available ventings of hatred that the religion of peace spews forth daily from their mosques and schools and press conferences.
Why on earth is there such a to-do about showing it all in one sitting? Silly peaceful loving people that they are.

My Opinion

Sean Penn? Total Ass! Excuse my language. What a maroon he is.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Colorful Monday

I am loony with the pictures lately. This is a beautiful bouquet, in my opinion. It is in a vase which my girlfriend's mother gave to me on the occasion of my long ago first marriage. I have always loved the brilliant color scheme and honestly have never understood how that dear little, rather colorless lady ever selected this from all of the choices in the world. She made a statement and that's for sure. How beautiful is this?

By the way, my grandmother crocheted that doo dad under the is supposed to be placed on the back of a chair and there were arm rests that matched and in the years and the moves....sigh.....someday they will reappear I'm hoping.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Picture

On a recent cold day. Waiting for her man. She's quite the sweater girl isn't she?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another World for Sure

Found a new place to wander through...I find it fascinating and I'm not sure why. It's and I can't look away. There are party pictures that are merely captioned with the names of the people photographed. The names alone are worth the visit. Dominick Dunne couldn't get enough of these people. They pose, they vamp, they are such a hoot. Go there. Check them out. Sorry if they are people you know or you even, I am not judging I am merely enjoying another world. I wonder who they all voted for last election. Hmmm, let me think.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's all about the goals

Just a quick note. Evidently Hannity had some kind of montage of Big O spouting his usuals and he used the word crisis over 30 times. The blogger noting this said that he found it odd since usually during a time of "crisis" our leaders would try to hold us steady and not foment panic. Well that blogger was assuming the goal of our leaders was other than their goal. I believe our new leader is working from an old playbook. How can the peasants revolt if they are not foaming at the mouth fed up with the money lenders and corporate greedy capitalists? The peasants can see that the comrades in DC are spurning the ideals of capitalism. The comrade leaders are urging communal sacrifice. Those who have plenty will suffer with those who don't our comrade leaders will see to divine that a ton of racism can be thrown into the mix so that in addition to greedy capitalists finally suffering, they happen to be white. Huzzah!! And so my theory as to why no one in DC is trying to relieve the angst and growing panic. The peasants are more malleable when they are driven by terror.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Signs of Spring

Well the weather today is cold and turning to rain and maybe snow and that "I need me some Spring" post from earlier is heavy on my heart. This makes me need it even more. Daffodils and baseball....sigh.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Need Me Some Spring

I truly do need some Spring....and as a result I have started to plan my excursion to Nantucket for the Daffodil Days weekend. It will just be a day trip but it should be as refreshing as the flower show used to be. We always went to that until the prices skyrocketed and the people who worked there behaved as if you were intruding on their domicile. Nantucket is way better...the cost of the ferry is a bit much but hey, we get a ride on the Atlantic and we wind up in the midst of beauty and history. Everytime I talk to a friend I talk about the trip and they want to come and we are going to have quite an entourage. I haven't been excited about much for quite some time and I am getting excited about this. I have that 10 year old can't wait for my birthday feeling beginning. From the pictures taken during my last excursion on a cold and almost rainy Spring can see why.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

One more thought. A friend sent me this for Valentine's Day. It certainly made me feel better about all those elementary school Valentine's parties where the decorated box at the front of the room was emptied and the cards given out. It's all clear now.

A Ray of Light

From the Anchoress - sorry but I can't get the hang of linking today so I am referencing and copying and I must say that, as I sat down and reviewed the news this morning (Happy Valentine's Day by the way), I was most discouraged. Yes, more so than last time I posted. I prayed earlier and earnestly for God to bless me with hope and faith and I wanted very much to see a ray of light somewhere. Then, I read this... tell me now that prayers aren't answered. Mine has been. Thank you Lord.

"Be creative and broad in your prayer. Ask your Guardian Angel to carry your prayer before the Lord of Hosts and to remain there, a while, in prayer for Nancy Pelosi. Ask Anna - the woman who lived in the temple, “praying day and night,” to pray for Pelosi, whose name is a derivative of “Anne.” Ask Padre Pio, the great, famously cranky Franciscan confessor and reader of souls to pray with you, for her. Invite the great teacher ardinal John O’ Connor into your prayer. Ask Mary, the Mother of Christ - who is a mother, like Pelosi, and the Patroness of the Unborn - to pray for both Pelosi and the pope. Ask Pope John Paul II to pray for Benedict and support him in their meeting. Ask some of our presidents, Washington, Lincoln, even Reagan - to pray that God’s will be effected in the life of Nancy Pelosi. Otherwise, what’s the point of confessing the Communion of Saints in the Apostles Creed?
Pray every day for our leadership, but during these next 8 days, why not pray for Pelosi, especially, in this way?
And then trust. And do not be afraid. All things work to God’s purposes, even when we cannot imagine how. Surprises and mysteries are the most joyful and interesting part of the life of faith! And praying for others will only strengthen our own faith, hope and charity.
It’s good training for Lent, too, which begins on February 25.

and I leave you with that. Thank you Anchoress. You always lighten my heart by pointing me in the upward direction. Go read the whole thing at

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Doing the Limbo

I am at such a low point. It's February, the month of the endless gray and biting cold and crummy snow piles dirty and reminiscent of that scene from the Deer Hunter. Bleak. Bleak. Along with bleak rides hopeless. Here is my hopelessness rant. I recognize that my hope is in the Lord so I am not at all hopeless. I have merely allowed the constant drumming of the media to echo through my head. Here is where it has brought me.

And so the week goes on. The Secretary General of the UN dubs Castro a saint. Jane Fonda’s despicable behavior during the Vietnam years is rewarded with the release of a previously suppressed documentary which chronicles and more than likely lauds her traitorous self. The stimulus pushes us all closer to bankruptcy…oh no…not all….just us middle class tax payers. Don’t tell us that we aren’t the most generous people on the planet, send us your poor indeed. We don’t need no stinking citizens to help out… that I mean the article in the bill that would have provided this emergency help to citizens has been removed so that we are extending help to ALL.

Are we there yet? You know. There. The end of the road for capitalism, freedom, democracy. Are we at the point where the happy socialists will skip to the bank with anyone’s money but theirs? Are we sunk into the malaise of the poverty stricken third world countries led by tyrannical egotists? Are we all Zimbabweans yet? I think we have a president for life in the white house. Dear Leader may only serve 2 or 3 or 4 terms since he will for sure alter the constitution to accommodate the needs of the people but following his sterling leadership we will have someone like him or worse to bring us further down.

Get thee to a home church and pray. Home churches will spring up everywhere since organized religion of the Christian variety will be spurned by the state. Only religions of other sorts will be approved. Pray long and longer still.

See? It's like the limbo. How low can I go? I am happy to say....I truly have hope and my hope is in the Lord. I know who is on the throne and in charge of the entire universe. These specks of dust who think they can run the world are pathetic when you think about it. I will sit back and watch the show. I know who will have the last word. He, after all, is the word.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pumping Up

Several things are gnawing at me. One is this A-Rod nonsense. Everyone is soooooo stunned and "shocked" (say that in a Tom Daschle whispering soap opera voice). A friend of mine back when he first took these drugs were watching a game here. My husband and hers were involved in stats and hoo ha and my friend and I were into who is cute and who isn't. There was A-Rod and we both looked at each other and said, "What the heck has he done to himself?" Come on folks, he was a skinny little stick figure and turned into the hulk and all we got from the so-called experts in the sports world and the ever vigilant press was "He has been working out". Baloney and double baloney. If two old broads miles away from the fray can take a look and know....don't try to cover.

More on the duplicitous press corps later...I mean folks - if you can't trust even the sports reporters how the heck do you read that international stuff and sleep at night? You know, when they tell you that there are no threats to us as a country except when we don't grovel and apologize..then boy are we in trouble. We create problems when we behave with confindence and push back. Do we tell that to the poor kids on the know the victims of bullies? Just give them your lunch money and they'll leave you alone. There I go digressing again....but really not.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday Morning Thought

As I do each morning, I zoom through the different favorites in my news folder and shake my head over the stuff that now passes for news. I learned that two lesbian heiresses, Casey Johnson and someone else are back together after a fight which included setting hair on fire. These two are "well known celebrities". What does it take? A few billion dollars, wasted days and nights of being wasted and there we are. How cool is that? This whole decade is the age of mouth breathers who happen to be rich, therefore they rule. They also, in some cases, get elected and trust me people, I happen to be a fan of GW so don't go off on him look at your other choices would you please? Yes. I am referring to the Kennedy crowd for example....take John Kerry and yikes for the sake of all who work for a living please consider Al Gore as a prime example of a lunatic in charge of the asylum.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Go Teams! and a Movie Review

I give up. It's SuperGadzooks Sunday and FOOTBALL is everywhere. I will sit back and pass the snacks and chili and I mean pass. This stomach thing is getting better but not that much better. While the corn bread (made with creamed corn and whole kernel corn and sour cream and corn meal and oh my it is GGGGOOOODDDD!!) is being munched along with the husband's buffalo wings (made from scratch he does) and chili (again, the man is a miracle worker with food), I will satisfy myself with possibly a baked potato. Sounds good right? You say right or else!

Saw a movie last night, Pride and Glory, and I am still mulling this one over. Jon Voigt was in it and he is such a great actor. Colin Farrell was his son-in-law and he played a rogue cop with every one of his emotional breakdown tricks. His eyes were WIDE open and he frequently pounded a wall, you knew from those moves that he was a man on the verge. Ed Norton I usually love to watch but for some reason he was like a robot in this thing. He was Jon Voigt's son and maybe because he played so many scenes with Voigt who, as I said, is so great. Maybe that's why he was distinctly unbelievable and when I say he read his lines....yeah. He read his lines. Very disappointing. The whole thing was ok and passed the time. Too bad. It had some real potential. The other guy who played Voigt's son was Noah Emmerich. I have to say he was great and the woman who played his wife really stole the whole thing.

So, there you have my movie review for the week. If I had spent a movie ticket amount on it I would be most unhappy. I had a promo code for redbox and so it was FREE and therefore I have no regrets that I spent my Saturday evening watching it.