Thursday, April 03, 2008

Discernment Issues

In the course of a week my illusions have been shattered and I guess that's not a bad thing. You should not be walking around in an illusionary world should you? I think not. Here's what I have observed.

I visit certain blogs very regularly and of course frequently since I am totally addicted to this Internet thing. There is one blog that does little games on a regular basis., things like - - finish this sentence and word association and caption this picture. You know the kind. It's fun and a break to stop in and do one or two and then get on with it. I always have to go that one step further though and find out who else does this sort of thing? There are always so many responses and how does anyone know about this? There are really only so many regulars there. It's kind of a clique. These bloggers seem to know each other in whatever way bloggers do. It stops short of inside joke, high school ladies' room kind of stuff but I could be wrong. Maybe it does go there. Time will tell.

Another spot is one of what I call the soap blogs. They are on a more highly developed plane that mine but similar in that they are more of a day to day life, journaling tone type of blog. One had an exchange that took place that went sort of like this. A certain thing occurred the day before. It was an embarrassing kind of thing. The next day a conversation with a co-worker occurred that started with what happened the day before. The co-worker jumped in with she never noticed and the reply to that was good because the blogger would have said friends don't let those things go by. I was tempted to comment about the trap that was set and good thing the co-worker passed the test but then.....who am I to judge? Two females. That's the way of the jungle. Traps are set, tests are passed or failed. Here's my elderly lady experienced take on that. Listen Up! Co-workers Are Not Friends. Not in the true sense of the word. Don't expect them to be. They are people you work with. Share work with them. Life happens outside of work. Friends are developed outside of work. Friends share your life. Mixing up social and work things causes huge angst.

Okay one more. One blogger seems to be a settled and lovely lady. She has a life story kind of blog that is interesting and she posts pictures of things around her. Politics aside, her blog is one I enjoy stopping in on. Politics rarely rear their head but there was a hint of Hybrid Auto, Global Warming is to be dealt with kind of thing. She is older than I which is huge. I am old! Enough of that. She recently did something somewhere and posted pictures of the place it occurred. Those pictures were not posted for the sake of providing more detail of the experience but for the purpose of allowing snide comments and criticism of the decorating abilities of the property owner. Everyone got in on the act echoing the blogger's opinion. It was a pile on. I hope that person whose taste in decorating was being sliced and diced doesn't have a computer. It was very disappointing and I am left with a sad feeling. I see that I need to hone my discernment. My mother always said I was a terrible judge of character and here I am finally seeing what she meant.

For today I will concentrate on the news type of blogs and on those young women who write about being stay at home moms and on the good cook type things I enjoy. I also think I will spend more time in the word and deal with the judgemental issues I drag along with me.

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