Saturday, September 29, 2012

Back to Earth

I sure have been on vacation around here.  Just got back from Mississippi, New Orleans and Panama City Beach.  We visited family and my college roommate who is like family.  We ate and drank and a good time was had by all y'all.  I have to say, after 19 days away, I was ready to come home.  Since arriving home I have been nesting.  Laundry done in your own machine somehow feels right.  We have been eating at home, every meal.  I love to go out but honestly, I was ready for soup out of a can in my own mug what can I say?  Jumped on the scale when we got home and both of us were ready for an intervention.  We vacationed with wild abandon.  No rules for us.  See it, drink it, eat it.  That was our motto.  It showed.  We are very ready to submit to the scientific laws of weight loss.  Eat less, move more. 

I will leave you with one of the reasons we are less able to button up comfortably.  The Gumbo Cookoff in Biloxi