Friday, February 23, 2007

Crazy like Al Gore

Is it just me or does Al Gore behave like some crazed cult leader. Jim Jones or that Hale Bop comet crew were possessed too weren't they? Oh, maybe it wasn't the Global Warming thing but they had their minions who, despite all the evidence to the contrary, believed whatever they were told and worshipped at their altars. Al Gore is spewing nonsense, and by the way has been for years. He has been caught in any number of tall tale spinning and he is. An Oscar? The Nobel Peace Prize? What is going on? Am I the only one who can see the emperor has no clothes? Help!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Spoled, Rich, Frat Boys

I was just breezing through the various spots I always do in the am and in the NRO blogs someone was referring to the Duke mess and the phrase "spoiled, rich, frat boys" was used as it always has been and that has had me pondering, as I often do. Aren't those the words that used to be used to describe GWB?, at least back in the day when we had a "kinder gentler group of critics. The answer is, yes. Then as an amateur student of human behavior I pondered some more. This nasty persecution, sorry, prosecution of those boys is really a classic case of transference. The professors who signed that ridiculous letter condemning the boys are really GWB haters who couldn't get close enough to him to show their contempt on a personal level and here, right in front of them, are living breathing representatives of the qualities they began to hate GWB for. Those terms of hatred have since, in the case of GWB evolved into more "sophisticated and nuanced" areas. What are they now? Oh, yes - Halliburtonchimphitler or something equally intellectual and fact based.

No wonder the whole Duke thing is so incomprehensible. It has as much basis in fact as the memes thrown around about everything Bush, Iraq, Cheney ya-da, ya-da, etc.

Lucky someone in the press got a grip and turned to the facts when they were reporting the on-going train wreck at Duke. I wish the same would happen in the GWB area. Hope there are no other "spoiled, rich, frat boys" out there without body armor. The natives are lighting their torches and marching on the castle.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Exploding head alert

My head is going to blow up if I listen to any more news. It will also explode if I read any more MSM print media. Between the cowardly back stabbing rotten anti-war holdovers from the Vietnam era who have gotten themselves elected so that they are able to line their pockets and live a life of luxury like they never knew or so that they, living a life of luxury like we will never know, may impose their socialistic madness on us because they know so much better than we how we should live. They also know their rulemakings will only be imposed on everyone but themselves.

I got distracted with that rambling raving madness. Anyhow between that nasty DC group who wants to teach us all a good lesson in losing and the crowd in my state, yes Massachusetts, who elected a governor who would be king, I am tired, tired, tired.

What is wrong with the world? I must stay in and be silent and recharge my core battery.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Missing all the Missing

A weekend and the sun is up and shining. My mother would always tell me, from her Florida respite, the sun is out but there's no heat in that sun. She and Dad were always cold. Well mostly cold and wherever they were in their 80's the heat was turned up to their age and the windows were never opened. Add that to the fact that whenever my husband would come with me to visit she made a boiled dinner and boy do you have some heat in that house.

Boy o Boy o Boy.....I sure miss her.

Went for a hair cut and such yesterday and while talking to the stylist I called her a peanut. She said she was the smallest one in her family (and she isn't small). I said why, you're just a peanut and she burst into tears. Yikes! What did I do? Seems that was what her father always called her and he passed away some time ago. It's a week end for missing people.

Time to walk the dog and start the laundry. Love the weekends.

Bless you everyone and have some fun.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

A New Approach to Scientific Fact

Work, work, work. What else could be occupying one's time during the deep freeze nasty month of February? Well at least my time is occupied (mostly). This is the time of year that I feel like a mole. Up at the crack of dark, work without ceasing, too cold to walk at lunch time as long as I need to or want to, home in the dark and shut the door. It's like being in a sensory deprivation chamber. Then when the drive time is on I listen to talk radio and help me Hannah with the Global Warming nonsense. The Sky is Falling, FALLING I say. It's wonderful how the definition of science has changed. No longer do facts need to be determined, tested and proved out. No. Now all you need is the mainstream press to say over and over and over the same blinking thing. You need high profile people to speak "truth" to the microphone. You need to hear whining nonsense about the fascists in power suppressing the "truth". You need dissenters fired and punished. Keep going and going and going........If we say it over and over and over enough and enough people start to say the same thing -- BINGO proven scientific fact is born.

God Help Us. He will but His time is His time.