Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More Snow? Say it ain't so.

So the 5 o'clock news and weather was just on and guess what??? More snow. WHAT???? Now I understand that it's winter and February is the cruelest month. Is it? I maybe just made that up but right about now it is. Things are supposed to be turning the corner here and it's in the 20's... degrees that is.... of the farenheit variety and trust me. It's COLD and the snow we have on the ground will never go away. Maybe in July but right about now that's close to never. And furthermore the colder it is the less I move and although I may not be eating more it's sticking around lately and -- never mind.

The more time I spend indoors the more I spend on the computer. When I review what I stop by and check out each day, I have to say, I am a complex creature. I am bright and quick and witty. I am interested in so many diverse things and without the internet I would be in the library for days at a time in the section where you are not able to check out the books. Would I be sneaking them out under my coat and surreptitiously returning them only to sneak another or two out? I'll never know since, Yes Virginia, there is an Internet.

And what's more -- I am sick sick sick of politics and all the garbage that goes along with them. The scandals whirling around this administration make Nixon look like the tooth fairy. And somehow nothing makes the news. We are assaulted daily with all of the outrageous things that Republicans do. For example do you know that some Republican woman wore white after Labor Day? NOOOOOoooooo... say it ain't so. Yup. Sixteen news cycles were devoted to that. Oh wait - maybe not.

I am going to spray Pam on the snow shovel.. I heard that helps. At least it's not this bad. This was 9 years ago. I take a look at these from time to time to remind myself that it could be worse. Stay warm my friends.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Super Bowl Ponderings

So did you watch the Super Bowl? I wanted both teams to lose actually. Yes! I am a Patriots fan and a poor loser. I have to say though that my heart went out to Peyton Manning and it never does. Hands down Tom Brady is so much better than Peyton and yet the press treats Peyton like Obama. He can do no wrong. He is a super genius. He walks on water. Tom? a fluke and in the minds of the press they see him as they do Republicans. He is easy prey and nothing he does can be ok. How many SuperBowls has he won and yet? Manning is the QB for the ages. Oh Well.

I watched poor Peyton do nothing right yesterday and it gave me no joy. And by the by, Pete Carroll? Can't stand him. If the SeaHawks had won and he were not involved I would be ok with that.

And finally. What's up with Joe Namath? Age is a terrible thing to disregard. At some time in life you have to deal with it. Joe! Grow up!! But then again he has Peta all in a twist and that's worth something.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Snow and Owls

Where has the time gone? Well it has been cold and then colder and we've had snow and more snow and then it got colder again. My husband had surgery early in January and he's just now feeling more human. He had a herniated disk in his neck that needed to be replaced. He's doing well but has trouble swallowing. That's normal I guess and will correct itself in time we're told. Meanwhile I am burning my brain cells trying to think of things that are good and easy to swallow. Cottage cheese is one but how much of that can one ingest?

Well it's still cold and we had snow yesterday and the cold means the snow stays and stays. I walk the dog and run home to warm up. She is a big girl and short haired and needs a sweater when the wind chill is below zero. She doesn't co-operate with that sweater thing so before we get out the door we are both exhausted. I of course have dressed in layers and more or less resemble Kenny from South Park. At least if I fall down and can't get up I won't freezed to death quickly.

Yesterday we went to a local beach and saw a Snowy Owl. I'm not kidding. It has taked over an Osprey nest and poses for the crowds. I have to say it was and is spectacular. We will go back with a bigger lens on the camera.

Here's a stolen picture from somewhere on the net. My husband said the owl's name is Amal. As they say "if you've seen Juan, you've seen Amal." Later friends. Stay warm.