Friday, April 11, 2008

Green Shmeen.....

Listening to all the nonsense about GLOBAL WARMING!! If the eco terrorists can drive us into total and abject poverty...perhaps that peasant revolution will finally occur. Here in the US of A, we don't have enough peasants. We are too prosperous Comrade. We are too fat and happy. How can we drive these morons into revolution. First make them think they are poor and downtrodden and miserable regardless of the facts. Power to the People. Pump those fists in the air. Then do whatever can be done to actually drain their affluence...carbon credits....yeah...that's the ticket. Neon bulbs are mandated and price them higher than a gallon of gas!!! Now you're talking.

I can't stand it....Green is the color of money now isn't it? Wake up World.

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