Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just My Two Cents (about all I have left)

Just read that the MSM has overplayed that sky is falling, we're all DOOMED thing to the point where no one really buys into this current CRISIS! As a matter of fact, my husband and I were at Lenscrafters Monday. He had broken his glasses and I was really tired of that Les Nesmith look. The employee who was fixing the glasses of the woman sitting next to us was talking about this bailout thing. He likened it to a surgeon who said, "Let's operate. Forget the X-rays. Forget the tests. I just need to get in there and do something." Man is he right. I don't even think he is a conservative thinker. He just knew we are rushing to fix something that may not need as much fixing as being SCREAMED about.

Isn't there a law against screaming FIRE in a crowded place? Isn't the same principle possible with the Main Stream Media. They have been screaming FIRE for quite some time now and Depression and Civil War and -- oh yeah GLOBAL WARMING!!!! We're Dooooooooomed. Yawn, replies most of the public. Those are not the people interviewed however. Oh No. Give us the shrieking mimi's running around their front lawns in an apron waving a spatula. no. wait. that was a scene from Bonnie and Clyde. Remember that one? That, to me, will ever speak the kind of response the press is looking for from the public. Once we are driven to that state anything is possible. It was either Marx or Lenin who had to drive the peasants to the brink and even with their solid control of the propaganda delivery system they had a rough time. There were always the hold outs.

See. I think that without a solid anchor that kind of reaction is easy. That projection thing is being exhibited daily by the crowd with the bullhorns. They would certainly have folded by now. They don't have their Bibles to cling to. Let me tell you how firmly your anchor will be set if you're clinging to that Bible. Those who may not cling to that and aren't reacting at least have the brain the Giver of the Bible gave them, and they're using it.

I'm staying away from the TV for the week except for RedSox events, and even then, if it appears that the game is going south, I'm going to bed.

Cling to something folks and don't let those with the microphones get you crazy. In the words of Dr. Joy Brown, when people have no power they manipulate. Don't give them the power!!!

A Curious Rant

What’s going on all of a sudden with the horror of the Financial Meltdown? Could it really be a contrived crisis to force a major shift to the socialist agenda that is driving the Mainstream Media and the current Democrat Party?

Don’t tell me Obama isn’t some kind of Manchurian Candidate. I’m not that stupid and neither is he. He is another Lee Harvey Oswald if you want my opinion, by that I mean he has been selected and carefully groomed. George Soros has his hand up the man’s butt and is moving his lips. Bill Ayers is gleefully anticipating the day he is truly in charge……That Missouri slip up, you know the one, the one where they overplayed their hand and announced that all speech against their man Obiwan Obama will be suppressed and doors will be kicked in and people dragged off to work camps for that mind changing thing that we’ve been promised if he gets into power. His wife told us we will never be allowed to go back to where we were. That’s because we will be pulled out of our homes and they will be given to the right thinkers who elected the man. Well honestly, if Ashley Judd can say that women voting for McCain and Palin is like chickens voting for Colonel Saunders….I guess I can say what I just said.

Wait! Do I hear my front door being kicked in? Later.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am Going Down for the Count

I am so ticked off. Just reading a blog written by a lady who had quite a career in show biz. She wrote about singing in cabarets and dives and old nightclubs and how she had to stop and how difficult that decision was and how thanks to that decision she saved herself from herself since there was nothing to do but drink on the road and also as a result of that decision and therapy she wound up in a FABulous career on Broadway and TV and ya da ya da yada.

I read all the comments from readers praising her for her courage and audacity and the strength she had to follow her inner voice. . . . Maybe so.

Many of her postings are about the swell parties she throws for her circle of friends, all of whom are in the business. They are well known, to a certain extent, if older and more or less retired. The surroundings the blogger lives in are quite elegant and she has help, at least she talks about someone who cooks and serves the tasty little luncheons. She has truly gorgeous china and her garden is out of this world. I wondered how she could have made such a lasting amount of money behind the scenes in show biz ...she certainly couldn't have in the dingy little clubs she talked about. I have been trying to Google the name and see how big her career truly was. To support her lifestyle she must really have some deep residuals or whatever they call those payments coming along on a fairly regular basis and if I look at my pitiful 401K drop much more after all those years of working and saving and ..... yeah-- you get it... How is it that there is no angst....there must be so much in whatever fund there is that all these twists and turns of the market mean nothing. Wish it were so here!

I digress. Closest I came to her name was a man (turns out to be her father I think) who donated a collection of art worth over 50 million a lot of years back. She must have come from a wealthy background and perhaps had some cushion of funds to help her make her courageous decisions.

I am not, although it sounds so, taking away from the angst she must have felt as she dropped her dream and turned to something else but what I am saying is that it appears that part of her ability to be courageous was assisted by the fact that she perhaps didn't need to worry about living expenses. There are people with dreams who have to pump gas or waitress or do what ever they can latch onto to put a roof over their heads and eat while the dream is pursued. Their dream is being pursued at half speed or less because they have to pursue some way to support themselves. The manner in which they live is less than luxurious because they can only devote half speed to that part of their lives where they can earn a living if they want to spend half on the dream. This blogging thing sometimes is just a great way to feed your ego isn't it? I have to stay away from some of these places where everyone is just a cheering squad for people who have enough -- do re mi -- to buy a cheerleader or two but blogger makes it possible for you to have one or several for -- Oh Gemma! Knock it off! I will but there is more.

That brings me to this liberal gang out there who are so willing to spend your money and mine to create the Utopia they are sure we need to live in. I picture them sitting in their lush surroundings watching us scurry around trying to earn ever more money to make up for what they took away in taxes. We are in their ant farm. How quaint we are. How interesting. How courageous they, the elite, are to make those hard decisions about our lives. You know, they would love to fund unlimited access to experimental health procedures, like chemo therapy but honestly! What good will it do for those ants? Their quality of life is so destroyed by their illness, their age and their odd behavior, the way they live and the things they surround themselves with. Better to limit the access to these processes to those who can appreciate them, the young, the strong, the people who think as we do.

Gads....I need a BIG glass of wine and I really need to tune in to some totally neutral place. Maybe the C.S. Lewis fan club. I will go there and read from their selections of the day. Lord Help Me!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just a load of info

I just tried a brand new thing -- that fall test junk that WORKED!!!!! I am developing my technical abilities. Well, maybe. I am determined, now that a lot of the personal angst and agita that has been hanging over me like a big black cloud.....remember that cartoon character who always had the big black cloud over his head?? Well maybe you're too young..I am just returning from a luncheon with my mother's sisters and sisters-in-law, Man oh Man!!! what a crew! The youngest is 80 and she is recovering from a stroke. The others are way older and merciless. They were on that poor stroked out auntie like I've never seen since my mother died. There has never been any mercy in my mother's world. I remember falling down the stairs and she stood over me yelling "What the hell did you do that for?" Yup. That was my Mom. Man oh Man I loved her to bits. There is a strong gene pool in that crowd. Yikes, they are brutal.

Did I get distracted or what? That black cloud character -- I'm hoping is a thing of my past. I am going to move through the rest of the mess that is getting untangled from the family business and the married into hooked up with family I inherited and I mean I am moving on! I have a great idea about a blog that will involve a bunch of people and will tie my love of past and people and memories all together and I will be working on that (as long as the crazy folks that have been interwoven into my life will unbraid themselves and go back to their own messes and stop messing up me)

God will help me I know He will.....I pray for that without ceasing.

Fall test

Your Autumn Test Results

You are a playful, spirited person. You have a limitless imagination and amazing creative talents.

When you are happiest, you are calm. You appreciate tradition and family. You enjoy feeling cozy.

You prefer change to come slowly. You need a long transition period when your life changes.

You find solitude to be the most comforting thing in the world. Being alone with your thoughts feels very peaceful.

Your ideal day is chill and uneventful. You prefer to kick back and take it easy.

You tend to live in the moment. You enjoy whatever is going on, and you don't obsess over the past or future.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Help Me Lord and Everyone on Earth

I am so dismayed with the news and things going on in my life and the political poison spewed throughout the airwaves. I truly thought that things were at the nadir of whatever I am trying to say....bear in mind, I'm old and I forget the words I'm searching for, worse still, this damned computer has a touch screen thing that would be the mouse if I didn't connect one and the connected one does not disconnect the mouse thing and I am NOT a typist and everytime my fat thumbs move in the wrong direction the mouse screen thing moves where I am typing to the middle of a sentence back in the first paragraph I started HELP ME HELP ME !!! O O I mean it Help me now.

Ok... no one has helped me yet so let me continue with my rantings.

The one thing that is choking me with outrage is this old bat in England who thinks that we should sign on to be murdered if we become demented or whatever else she thinks old folks become that is not in line with her social system. Bear in mind she is over 80 but "just fine thanks." Her name is Lady Warnock....google it and then pray.

What is wrong with us??? First we kill the unborn and have no sense of guilt since we have just moved tissue along. Then we kill the unborn as they are being born and we say that we don't want to inconvenience the already born and then we condemn those who didn't kill the born that might have been silly enough to be born in a condition that the "elite" have determined was not the perfectly acceptable condition that they allow to be born and NOW......we must get rid of all of the born that turns into something the "elite" would rather not be around to deal with.. you know, the old the fragile, the failing, the ..... you know, us. Anyone but them. They have the money to care for themselves and honestly, I think they think that somehow, those of us who aren't them will take their stuff and air and oil and who knows what ... away.

I'm off to pray for them and me and you and every living thing on earth...God Loves us everyone and He wants us to pray for each other....yes, even when the other of each of us wants those of us who aren't them to go away and go away without any difficulty.

Oh God Help Us Everyone.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shame on You

I am so disgusted with the nonsense on the web about Sarah Palin and her choice to "allow" her child with Down Syndrome to live. What is wrong with people? Why is every comment so hateful and horrible? Here's what I know. A beautiful baby is alive. What is so wrong with that? Years ago....certainly 60 years ago since I am about to be 65......I was at my aunt and uncle's wedding..my aunt's twin sister, at that time she was certainly more than 30, had Down Syndrome. Gracie was my friend. I was 5 and she was maybe 30 but what did I know? Gracie was my friend. We chatted and sat together and Gracie was in our lives for at least another 30 years. I loved and still love Gracie. How sick are all of you who think this little boy shouldn't be sharing the air that you breathe? Man oh man..... I am so ashamed of all of you.. Imagine how God Feels?????

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Man Rages and God Giggles

This Sarah Palin thing is totally out of control. Why is the opposition attacking her instead of McCain? Why are they so enraged over a Vice President for heavens' sake? God is surely having some fun with this one isn't He?

Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Passing Epiphany

Just read a blurb on NRO by Kevin D. Williamson. He referenced a news report as follows:

HAVANA (AP) - Cuba has ordered jailed punk rocker Gorki Aguila, an outspoken critic of Fidel Castro and the communist government, to stand trial on Friday for "social dangerousness," a charge that could carry up to four years in prison.

This was preceded by the statement that All You Punks in Your Che T-Shirts ... should have a look at what your heroes do when they have the opportunity:

I had an epiphany. Of course! What has taken me so long? These advocates of brutal killers and dictators are merely showing us what they want our world to be like. Any one who dares to disagree or think differently than the Che lovers will be arrested and beaten and - - -whatever it takes. The devotees of those petty and brutal tyrants would never see themselves as outside the circle of power. They would be wielding the whips and rods as they stride through the streets. They would be wiping that smug self satisfied smile off of the faces of those others who think they are better than ... well, you get it. They are merely playground bullies who have never had the support of anyone around them to allow them to bully without consequence.

We live with our own potential Taliban. That curtain of civility that separates us from barbaric behaviour is getting thinner and thinner. Take a look at Canada and what they have done with their hate speech nonsense. There are boards empowered to hold hearings based on a complaint brought by anyone. The accused must hire legal defense although the board is under no legal restraints or held to any rule of law. The accuser doesn't have to spend a penny to ruin someone because that person has a stray thought about whatever the accuser says offends him or her.

No criticism allowed! Or else! The Obama followers are thrilled! Finally they glimpse that power seat they have wanted forever as being within reach. Bill Ayers is more than likely frothing at the mouth anticipating finally reaching the goal he set for himself way back in the 60's.

OK it's a conspiracy theory but there is some truth to it...especially that idol worship of dictator thing. I really think that.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Speech! Speech!

Wow! That's all I have to say. Just WOW! Stayed up watching her speech and am I glad I did. It was perfect and everyone seems kind of speechless about it. Great!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Editorial Strategies

What a bunch of adolescents run the media. I just read that the feeling is Palin will resign because they're calling her names and picking on her family. Way to go MSM! Really great strategy! Can't you just hear the editorial meetings? "Well we really have nothing much but let's just pick on that one little thing and make it seem insurmountable." See how I've given them credit for having big words in their vocabulary?

"Well that's a good start but let's call her some names like puny and weak and unprincipled"

"Nah, let's just spread some really vicious rumors that might have some basis in truth. I remember one time when this girl thought she could be prom quieen instead of me? Well we fixed her. We told everyone that she was making out with the most wicked nerdy girl in the school. Then we said that she was throwing up every morning and you know what that means. Then we said that the guy who dropped out of school last semester was at her house every time her parents went away. Boy! Did she lose votes. Yup! I won. I think we can do the same thing here. Who's in?"