Friday, October 31, 2008

Just Wondering

Is You Tube Knitting Lessons a code phrase for something off beat and edgy? I don't know what it is but ages ago I wrote about my grandmother teaching me to knit and crochet and do needlework and I was 4 when she first sat me down. I learned in the most awkward way ... sweaty pudgy little sausage fingers of a four year old tugging and knotting and crumpling but, as the family tales would tell, I learned eventually and now, thanks Gram, I have the ability to pass some time and yet be productive. What could be better? At any rate, I wrote of this and also said that I would like to knit in a more acceptable manner...use the needles more efficiently, move the yarn with less of the pudgy fingered four year old showing up. I referred to some knitting lessons on You Tube and since then, I mean, not many people read this outpouring but it's quality not quantity right? Of the not many who read most are referred through a google search of You Tube Knitting or one of my other all time classic hits, Signs of a Sociopath and yes, I mean a certain not blood related relative.

So, if you are looking to drive up your traffic? Jump on the YouTubeKnittingLessons or Signs of a Sociopath train. It moves right along

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Someone stole our McCain Palin sign. My husband is so upset. I am so disappointed. I guess even one display of thinking outside the box can't be tolerated. I guess, in this era of diversity, the only diverse that is accepted is theirs. Our diverse thoughts and lifestyles are examples of what cannot be tolerated in the era of tolerance.

I am so disappointed in our world. We live in dangerous times.

Okay! now that that's off my chest. Let me say this.......Go McCain!!!!! We went out to dinner on Sunday was the husband's birthday. We went to a Japanese place that has hibachi grills or whatever they're called. There were four of us and we sat at a table with three young women. They were in their late 20's and early 30's.... true young'uns. At some point in time, they, not we, brought up the election. We were reluctant to get into it since we had preconceived notions of where their loyalties would be. We shouldn't have worried. They are voting for McCain too. Imagine that? Here we are in the belly of the D-Beast and 7 of us at one table are bucking the party line.

My disappointment is waning and the times seem less dangerous. We capitalists will just go underground and when the Iron Curtain falls here in the land of the used to be free...why we will go to the trenches and broadcast our messages over Radio Free America. I will cultivate my Marlene Dietrich accent and sing, "Fallinggg in luff again, never, vanted tto, kahnt elp ittt". Cabaret was always my favorite musical...Things will be ok.

I know, I know, there is something wrong with me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Not lonely

So yesterday I was all over the GREEN mentality and how they snoop into every orifice and dictate how we should live and breathe. I won't say I'm over it but I am without the same level of rage so - - - on to something else. "And now" as we used to say, "for something entirely different"

My angst level is dropping. I am working here at home for the most part. I am not alone in an empty house for 4 days out of 7. I am not lonely. That makes a huge difference for me. I don't mind being by myself. I just don't like being lonely. Make sense? Well here, for example, I am sitting at my computer with files and boxes and piles of paper. I am the only one at this end of the house. My husband and his secretary, our dog are at the other end with his computer and files and papers. Our house is small but it still has two ends. It sounds bigger on paper than it really is. Anyhow, I may not interact with either of those two for hours but.....they are there. I can hear him clear his throat, talk on the phone, curse occasionally when something goes awry. I am alone but not lonely.

I am so grateful for that. Have a wonderful not lonely day. I will.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Consume This!

This will be quick and I'll be back later but I just have to say I am SICK to death of criticisms regarding our conspicuous consumption......the answer? Don't buy stuff. Clean out your own closets. Recycle your own paper bags. Get your nose out of my garbage. Now! Go AWAY! I will NOT buy one of those stupid cloth bags and bring it back and forth to the store.....I! WILL!!! NOT!!!!!! Did you hear me?

If you think there is too much of everything then throw your stuff away, give it away, sell it. Then get thee to Walden Pond......bring your journal. Be one with Thoreau. As for me and my house? I will turn on my 75 watt bulb...not neon and jack up the pellet stove. I will drink wine and eat taco chips while I watch TV. When I'm done? I will BUY MORE STUFF!!!


Have a nice day.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Beast Walks Among Us

I am feeling that there are conspiracies outside our door.....Obama Soros. Stock Market Ups and Downs.....Bank Failures......stop me if I'm nuts....ok.... no one is stopping me.....I question the timing. I truly do. I think this Soros beast is truly from somewhere like the troubler of Job was you get my drift? Don't care if you don't.....this is my theory. This Soros Freak??? He destroyed the Bank of England didn't he? And at that time he had nothing like the resources he has now. Am I right? I thought so.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just a Thought

Mark Steyn at NRO has written about the massive voter fraud which is being uncovered in many states across the union. ACORN has been deeply if not singularly involved in voter registration illegalities. He said that some close to the source said that all the news that's being broadcast is nothing compared to the real thing...this has been going on for years.

Suddenly! It hit me! No wonder the Dems were so OUTRAGED that they lost those two elections. They knew how much they had worked to overcome the real voters. They enrolled all those felons and dead people and paid those homeless types to sign up and they even enrolled people multiple times. How could they not win??? and how could they lose except if someone else cheated even better than they did? You know, I have a sort of relative who is a basically corrupt human being. The corrupt of which I speak is not just the corrupt which we all are but this person is a LIAR, LIAR Pants on FIRE and she is also not averse to using your money as hers and then saying it's okay because you stole it to begin with. You know the sort of person I mean? The charges the Dems have been flinging about forever are charges of voter fraud!! He who smelt it dealt it as we used to say.

When you think someone is doing something to you and it's not true, well then, it's probably because it's the kind of thing you would do to someone. Right?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Crazy Place this World

From today:

" Federal prosecutors are trying to obtain scores of documents from Sen. Ted Stevens's wife, Catherine, to bolster their case that the Alaska Republican lied about gifts he received from long-time friends."

I know he's a sleeze but does anyone anywhere care about that Rangel Rat? Anyone? Tax evasion is not very large when public figures are concerned is it? Anyone out there care to go for all those years with rental property of that high quality and large rent and always booked and that income not declared and then say it works out to about 5000.00 that wasn't paid? Do you think that the IRS and the press would say "ok then , we hear ya! that's a mistake any of us could have made. Man oh man you are so right. Those notices in Spanish can be daunting. We would have ignored every bit of that earned income too for heavens' sake. Nothing to see here. Could someone get Sarah Palin's high school grades please? If you can't get the real deal well then ... put something together that will pass that fake but accurate thing Dan Rather used so wonderfully well."

I am so sick of this whole Moscow on the Hudson performance art of the Main Stream Medial

Happy Sunday all -- God is on His throne and in charge. That thought keeps me sane.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Do as I Say not as . . .

Just a quick note. Went out to dinner last night with a neighborhood couple of friends and before we left my husband and I were walking the dog. As we walked we rehashed the evening before. I had been at our other domicile - working still - and he spent the night here with the pooch. He watched the debate, I chickened out. Yes. I admit. I was anxious and stressed over so many things that watching the debate was too nerve wracking for me. As we all now know, I should have watched. My husband was so excited as he related every detail. I personally think it's more about how great looking she is that blurs his opinion but I have to admit she is more than capable and clever and intelligent as well. Courage comes to mind as I look at her pictures. Anyway, enough of that, back to the tale at hand.

As we walked and talked I calmed him down by saying that we were going out and had no knowledge of where our neighbors political opinions rested so get this rave out of his system and prepare to talk about dogs, weather, how about those Red Sox. You know. Dinner talk. He agreed and off we went.

Who started the conversation after her second glass of wine??? Yeah. You know who. Oh Well. We can always move.

Only kidding. I really didn't talk politics but I did bring up unions and maybe that's as good since the neighbor husband was retired from a union job. Oh well, I fell back on my "Unions had a place back in time. . . . " fade to "How about those Red Sox"