Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bad Mood

Had a terrible day yesterday. I was super sensitive and totally out of sorts. Here's but one example.

Went to lunch with husband and my friend who recently lost her husband. I am, by the way, feeling heavy and horrible so I ordered a salad. Don't worry, it wasn't just greens and stuff but a big blasted Southwestern thing with grilled chicken and black olives and grilled peppers and onions, sort of like a wide open fajita without the tortillas. Husband and friend are people who inhale their food and then are ready to go. I am a person who has to chew or I choke. They were done and the plates were cleared and the bill was paid and I am still working on the salad which is less than 1/4 done. They are staring and tapping their feet. I am ready to choke anyway, chew or not, so like the mature, reasonable woman that I am, I toss the side dishes of salad dressing, salsa and sour cream into the bowl, push the bowl away and through gritted teeth say, "Let's go". They are thrilled to be out of there. I am pissed.

Neither one ever noticed that they were not noticing. What's that about when I am so frickin' aware of everything and everybody?

Oh there's more but now I am just being a nit picking mean girl.

Hope today is nicer. Hope I am too.


Joyful Days said...

You know, Gemma, I really do feel that we are related, somehow. You talk and I say, "Yup, uh-huh...I know EXACTLY what that feels like."

I get so weary trying to not hurt someone's feelings by my words or actions, only to realize they have no concept of what my feelings are. And if they do they think I am "overly sensitive."

If you & I ever go out to dinner, we will take our time (to chew and talk) with lots of wine and good food.

Hope your day is good.


Omykiss said...

I hate people who wolf down their food ... food is meant to be savoured and enjoyed ... worshipped almost AND I believe that eating slowly is good to keep your weight down too because you realise your full BEFORE you overeat. Makes sense I think :)