Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Media Marvel

Deported gang members are more violent than ever in their own countries and they learned all of their skills on how to use semi-automatic weapons here in the states. Yup. Thats what the says. Go forth and read for yourselves.

Oh. I know. The entire premise is so false. When did we ever deport any violent gang member? We only go after the legal-at-the-time immigrant wife, married to a US citizen who has passed away. She has been here and gainfully employed for 35 years and upon her husband's death, and he was usually a proud member of our armed forces, we swoop in and put her on a plane back to the war-torn country from whence she fled.

But now, it seems, we are waiting for those violent gang members to hone their sem-automatic weapon skills and as soon as they attain the gold medal - - whoosh. Off they go to their country of origin where now they have some means of supporting themselves.

You know we have sidewalk stands where non-citizens with violent pasts are able to stock up on whatever weaponry they seek. Oh, and those skill providing camps exist in the basements of most know, the evangelical sort of church where rabid right wingers spout their nonsense about freedoms of all sorts.

Man. We live in a wonderful world don't we?

And to think that I wanted to start this day with a quiet Bible reading.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Separated at Birth

Just a stray thought here. Were Keith Olbermann and Al Gore separated at birth? Seems they might have been. At least the brain part that's connected to the shrieking hysteria part...that much I know is the same. Now if they could only connect the part in both of them that results in rational sane thinking and I guess that won't be happening any time soon.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Maintain Your Rep

Just read a headline where Pelosi states that Bush is a total failure. Man. What standards is she basing that on? She is not doing so well herself, is she? With all the bashing and insults and finger pointing and outrage spinning around, I had a thought. Yes. I did. Do you know that ad with the angry baseball manager? He runs onto the field and kicks dirt and gets into the face of the umpire. You know the one I mean? Well. It looks like they're having a rip roaring knock down drag out battle and they are just yelling things like, "you're looking really good. What're you doing differently?" The last phrase where the manager says to the ump, "you'd better throw me out. I have a reputation to maintain." That's the one that got me thinking.

After these boobs in Washington grab the microphone and scream about the other boobs. Do they leave the room quietly saying to the boobs they just screamed at, "Give my best to the missus."? Is all of this anger real, or do they just have a reputation to maintain.?

Just thinkin'

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Class Warfare.......

So after I wrote that last bit I go to the news and find, in the Wall Street Journal, that the Service Employees International Union, the SEIU is rampaging against all those capitalistic pigs known as private equity firms. They are pounding the drum to that familiar old tune, "they're rich and we're not. Take their money away. Give it to us. We'll be sure to distribute it properly. Lots for us and not so much for you but you'll be thrilled because it's money you didn't have to work for." You know that tune. Well let's see how that union treats their members. From the Wall Street Journal today:

"Public records based on the SEIU's own filings show that the SEIU National Industry Pension plan – which covers some 101,000 workers – was only 75% funded in 2006. Put another way, the plan had only three-fourths of the money it needs to meet its retirement obligations. And the national chapter is only the start. Some 13 local SEIU pension plans in 2006 were less than 80% funded; several didn't reach 65%.

Some of this might be the result of poor investment performance, but the main problem is that the SEIU hasn't negotiated adequate employer contributions to the plans. This is a common practice: Unions and management take credit for bargaining deals that promise generous retirement benefits, even as they ignore how they'll be funded.

On the other hand, SEIU leaders are highly attentive to their own pension funding. A separate fund run by the national union, this one covering the benefits of SEIU officers, was 103% funded in 2006. The top SEIU guns are set for their golden years."

What's that? A separate fund for the pensions of the very important union officials? One that actually has money in it? Why what a novel concept. It sounds like the situation we have in my country, the USA, for elected officials. Did you know their pension is 100% of their salaries? oh, yours isn't too bad. Did you know their medical insurance is never going to be socialized? oh yours will? too bad. Did you know they never have to pay for their insurance even after retirement? Oh you do? and more than you had to pay before you retired? too bad. they belong to a different class of people than we do?????

Chauffeur...this big important officer of the union/elected official needs to be carried to his car and then drive him across the street to that luxury restaurant where a glorious dinner awaits him. All those hungry people you have to walk through? Never mind them. They have plenty of food stamps and cardboard for their shacks. Push right through them.

Back to the Misery

Just read that our Congress in it's wisdom has passed a House rule that prohibits legislators from using the internet to keep constituents informed. All information must be disseminated from "official" websites. Man. Are we becoming more and more like 1950's Russia or what?

Then again. They use the same controlling mentality about everything. No Drilling. No New Technology unless of course it's the new we want. "Nuclear Power No!!! It only works in France! Let them ride bikes and use blankets. Call the chauffeur. I have to go two blocks to my office. Thank goodness all those peasant cars are off the we can move about the country. We are the important citizens after all."

The I just read in the New York Post that Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins are being overrun in their Greenwich Village neighborhood by demonstrators who want the construction of a new hospital to go forward. St Vincents would build 3 blocks from their residence. The hospital currently provides massive assistance to the indigent every year and this newer facility would expand their ability to help. The demonstrators were referred to by Robbins, according to the story, as "those people". Oh, and the wildly liberal and charitable couple were attending a meeting protesting the expansion. Oh. I'n sure they want to help those poor things. They just want to help them somewhere other than near their home. Chauffeur!

Now I get that class warfare thing! We have the class....they don't.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Words to Ponder

I'm reading In the Woods by Tana French. I just began and so far so good. I have just read an amazing paragraph that I must quote. "Why must I?" you may ask. "Because" I will answer. And because has to do it, I really can only say that it is one of those thoughts that you mull over for quite some time.

I don't often remember much about all the books I read. Sometimes I will come away with a general mood, you know, happy little story, very dark tale, that sort of thing. Other times just that it was a good read, held my interest, I actually finished it. There are some books, and I don't remember the titles or authors, where the author put a few words together that linger on. One that runs through my mind over and over is "He has just come through the most serious and painful surgery known to man. He had his eyes opened." How can you beat that? Right! You can't.

This thought is another that will stay in my mind. The book is about a fellow who is a homicide detective. This is how he describes their method of enticing a suspect or witness to provide them with information. Here goes:

"I knew what they did was cruel. Humans are feral and ruthless; this, this watching through cool intent eyes and delicately adjusting one factor or another till a man's fundamental instinct for self-preservation cracks, is savagery in its most pure, most polished and most highly evolved form."

I know a person like that, gender will remain unknown. He/She is not in law enforcement, just feral and ruthless. This person is not trained in the skill of manipulation, this person is a natural and no one ever sees how truly savage this person is. I had no words to describe him/her until now.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Summer Stuff

Played golf yesterday for the first time in about 2 years. I LOVE GOLF!!!! Seriously. I do. Today of course I am barely able to move but I don't care. I actually had a par of one of the holes and bogeys on two others. The rest is like horseshoes....close but they don't count.

Today I am on vacation. I am lunching with ladies and talking about fluffy things about which ladies speak. I am learning that the older I get, the less I can talk about. I understand why widows went into the nunnery and chose those orders which included a vow of silence. I am almost ready for that - except for the widow thing. Been there! Done that! Would rather delay a second run for quite some time. Better I go first.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Oh Bother!

Life is such a crazy ride isn’t it? People take off in so many different directions. Everyone has their bag of pain that they drag around some real and some imaginary. The pain in my life has been loss of family and I mean that in both the literal sense in that all of my immediate family has passed away in the last 8 years, and in the figurative sense in that most of the in-laws and offspring have worked themselves in a snit over something or other and have turned their backs. Now some of that back turning began quite some time ago and some of it has been manipulated by others in the past 2 years.

Do I own any of this? I’m not sure. I try to analyze things from others viewpoints. I use that “you have to understand” game on myself. I do understand to some extent. I have realized that understanding why someone behaves badly doesn’t ease the pain if you are the one they are behaving badly with. I have come to the conclusion that it is for the best if they behave badly at a distance. I am now experiencing the frustration of those who want very much to continue the behave badly game but because they have isolated the favorite target, they have no one to behave badly with except each other. Interesting. No?

Some of the bad behavior has gone way too far and now, since there are shared business concerns which must be dealt with jointly, a counselor has been summoned to ease everyone into a spot where communication, even if through others and with witnesses, can take place. The counselor has counseled and feels he has made “great progress” . He hasn’t said this out loud but the instinctive feeling I have is that I am being pressured to “let bygones be bygones and let’s hear it for - - “ Some of those counseled are showing a gentler kinder side and he feels that we should have a group hug. He hasn't said that in so many words but the tones and attitudes speak volumes. He thinks we should not just all get along but turn the clock back to the beginning of time and start over. You know what I mean?

How bright is this guy if he can’t see that they are tired of kicking the cat….they want me back…….the games can then begin...again.

I’m not going!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Oldie but Goodie.. Frat Boys.... Rich and All

Got nuthin' and when that happens I go to Sitemeter and see what might bring people here. The term "spoiled, rich, frat boys" is evidently still being googled. Here is what I wrote back in February and as usual, when I read what I wrote, I am amazed that I actually wrote it. What's that about I wonder? it is.....

I was just breezing through the various spots I always do in the am and in the NRO blogs someone was referring to the Duke mess and the phrase "spoiled, rich, frat boys" was used as it always has been and that has had me pondering, as I often do. Aren't those the words that used to be used to describe GWB?, at least back in the day when we had a "kinder gentler group of critics. The answer is, yes. Then as an amateur student of human behavior I pondered some more. This nasty persecution, sorry, prosecution of those boys is really a classic case of transference. The professors who signed that ridiculous letter condemning the boys are really GWB haters who couldn't get close enough to him to show their contempt on a personal level and here, right in front of them, are living breathing representatives of the qualities they began to hate GWB for. Those terms of hatred have since, in the case of GWB evolved into more "sophisticated and nuanced" areas. What are they now? Oh, yes - Halliburtonchimphitler or something equally intellectual and fact based.No wonder the whole Duke thing is so incomprehensible. It has as much basis in fact as the memes thrown around about everything Bush, Iraq, Cheney ya-da, ya-da, etc.Lucky someone in the press got a grip and turned to the facts when they were reporting the on-going train wreck at Duke. I wish the same would happen in the GWB area. Hope there are no other "spoiled, rich, frat boys" out there without body armor. The natives are lighting their torches and marching on the castle.