Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ready to be Manipulated? Read the Paper.

One more thing that makes me grind my teeth. Here in the Motherland of Massachusetts there was a raid some months ago on a factory where loads of illegal immigrants, yes there is such a thing, were rounded up and held. An uproar occurred, oh not because of the factory hiring so many undocumented workers (is that more polite?). Because the parents were separated from their children. Bear in mind, these parents were working. The children, we presume, were cared for during the parents looooong absence. I prolong the word long since it seems that the factory? Such a hell hole. LOOOOOONG hours and no money and tote that barge etc. Makes sense that so many would risk so much to work there doesn't it? Back to the story

After the raid the uproar was due to the children being separated from their parents.....can't have that now can we? Oh No!!! Except if the parents are wayward religious types who believe in polygamy. Then we can pull those families apart and leave them in holding pens somewhere and self righteously lecture about clinging to religions and that's my Obama rant. Sorry. Where's the same concern for these children that we had for those who weren't supposed to be here to begin with. I presume the polygamists are citizens. Aren't those children subject to the same nightmares and health issues the children of the parents swept up in the Massachusetts raid were subject to? If so, we were told that no one but the mother could be the correct care giver. The social services provided for the children of those lawbreakers were not adequate or helpful. Are the social services provided for the children of these lawbreakers that much better? Are the children of citizens, even those who practice polygamy, not worth one moment of outrage? I guess I have my answer. It's a good thing that one of the possible Vice Presidents McCain might pick isn't of questionable immigrant status. There might be all sorts of clamp downs making the national news if that were the case. Good thing this Mormon issue can be dragged out again. Good Bye Mitt........

I guess we ARE really as dumb as the MSM believes.

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