Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Don't Worry Be Happy

I just read that I have posted a lot of times and Oh My! am I proud of me. I really am since I am seldom a finisher. I am a starter and a plodder but the finish line??? she eludes me. I am very pleased that I have been posting as long as I have. I have always kept journals and worried. I think I talked about this before. I always worried that someone would read what I really thought about something or someone and what's that about anyway? I have as much right to an opinion as Rosie for Pete's sake or Al Gore or that Crow lady.

Aw shucks! Life is too short and every known radio minister today has told me and millions of others to stop worrying. God is on His throne and by golly I agree. Why worry about Global Warming (notice how I put that in caps?) There's nothing we can really do beyond police our own area. No one is going to turn out the lights (I hope) to save the world..my goodness, the Lord is in charge of everything.....same thing in Iraq and the streets of Boston and Philadelphia where, it seems many of America's youth are being shot and injured and honestly! why aren't we more outraged about that? I guess because the press isn't pounding it into our lives every waking moment. They. don't. care.

I'm exhausted at the moment but still.....I love my life and my country and those that protect me and mine. Bless all of our first responders and those brave men and women serving and protecting here there and all over the globe.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Life is Gooder than Good

We had quite a scare here. Last Saturday Hubby was working on tax things and when I checked on him in his office he told me he felt kind of "punky". He was sweaty and cold and told me his chest felt heavy....nuf said. 911. Sure enough when the EMT's arrived and took his blood pressure they strapped him in and off he went. Admitted from the ER and held until Tuesday when he had a cardiac cath which thank you God showed his arteries to be clear and that, combined with all the other testing done days prior showed no heart attack, ridiculously high cholesterol and blood pressure needing a goodly slam of medicine. He's home and healthy and I'm about to have a nervous collapse.

Not really. I am so grateful for our life and health that I can't believe I let all the other nonsense circling our lives bother me. It really is. Just. Nonsense.

How fortunate we are and how I have to be shaken into realizing it. Thank you Lord.

To put the top on the cake, today is brilliantly sunny and warm, daffodils are breaking into bloom and the air....the air is intoxicating. Birds are singing like lunatics and I am going out in this day and sit in the sun with a gooooooood book. Gotta love it and I do. Happy Sunday everyone!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Truth Be Damned

This is the craziest news cycle ever known to man......except maybe for the time when Nixon was being hunted down like a dog. These crazy left wingers are like hounds in heat and when they smell any kind of weakness they howl and froth at the mouth. Subpoenas and headlines and frenzied acqusations are all the rage. Don't stop now and who cares about truth.....we only want what we want and shut up...otherwise things might go all right wing on us.

Oh Help!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Everything is so darned predictable isn't it? I mean, honestly, you knew it was just a matter of when the USA would be blamed for Iran taking those British sailors didn't you? It's still only a matter of time when USA will be changed for GWB because truly.....it is all his fault isn't it? How boring this loud mouthed crowd of "reporters" are. How deadly dull and uncreative. They are all nothing but echoes. Do you think the puppet masters think they can keep the madmen under control if they ever knock this country out? Do you think that Arianna thinks she will still tool around in her jets if the mullahs are in charge? What about our girl Pelosi? Does she really believe that anyone with a smidgen of awareness has any respect for her?

Mindless. Predictable. Children.