Thursday, April 03, 2008

Journal Entry

Let me now say the day ahead of me seems to be clear and free from the Gimongous stress issues that have been out there for the past who knows how long. When those stress things hit an hour seems like a year doesn't it?

Last night was girls' club and the two of us met as usual. We called the meeting to order with a glass of wine and hunkered down to Dr Phil. We talked right through the addictions and problems he presented. We truly never heard any of the show at all. Here's how the agenda rolls out. We each have the floor and we lay out the week that was. Mine was rather mundane and hers took some time since there were 6 other women involved in a group she has gotten together for a road trip this week end. You can imagine the things that have been going on in her life and the imaginings pale when the real thing is described. The tale wound down with one of the ladies cancelling at the last minute and the money thing? Still to be determined. Refund or not. What a week end to look forward to.

We then voted on the next show we would talk through and found that John and Kate and babies are 8 or something like that. We LOVE it. The couple are so cute. He is an IT manager and is of Asian descent. He is as cute as he can be. She is a lovely and organized nurse who stays home with the kids and is a blond beauty. She had twins and then sextuplets. They are now 6 (the twins) and 3 (the rest). Holy Shmoly! The kids are fabulous looking and what a life this couple leads. They are really special. Watch it. You will be entertained and enlightened. A combination that can't be ignored.

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