Tuesday, December 30, 2008

End of Year - End of Visit

Well, we made it through the week and yesterday I returned my nephew to his home. He is a sweetheart and really no trouble but my husband refuses to remember that he is slooooow. That's why he lives in a group home. He never remembers to unlock the door when he steps outside (yes, he smokes) and always locks himself out. I will say "Don't forget to make sure the door is unlocked". He replies, "I won't Auntie" and then, ten minutes later, the door bell rings. Multiply this by 15, every day, sometimes more than 15 since he also loves Dunkin Donut coffee and has to walk over there. Ding Dong. Ding Dong. My husband was crazed. I reminded him that this is the way the visit with us ALWAYS is and if he can't remember that, how does he expect my nephew to remember the door? To myself I had to say...."and who's the slow one?"

Sunday, December 21, 2008

What a Kerfuffle!

This big to-do over Rick Warren and the Inauguration is sooooooo stupid. Where was the outrage over Reverend Wright? Oh, I know that many blogs commented and talk radio was going on about Wright and eventually word got out but honestly...that took forever and now? He's back in the pulpit and all is well with the world. I guess if Rick Warren were spouting hate towards America and white people and threw his Christian beliefs under the bus, as they say, all would be well with him. Honestly. He has never said any hateful things at all. He doesn't agree with the gay world and that's all that you have to do to warrant destruction. I don't think many Muslims agree with that world either and I have yet to see any moves towards that religion. Not that I want any major kerfuffle but be real. This is such a study in human nature. Pick a fight with the guy who will back down and then feel your power.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

How Embarrassing

Reading about Bernie Madoff and how he is responsible for the “off” season in Palm Beach. The gala events are less gala because of the losses people suffered with his investment plan scheme. But even worse than that, they are embarrassed. Think of that. Embarrassed. I guess trusting a friend with your bazillions of dollars and finding that that friend is not trustworthy can be embarrassing. Imagine how “embarrassed” they will be when they wake up and find that all those politicians they support, beginning with the big O, are lying to them. Imagine how “embarrassed” they will be when they finally open their eyes and find that there actually are scientists out there who don’t back the Goricle’s screed about Mother Earth being doomed if we all continue to exhale. Imagine how “embarrassed” they will be when they find out that there really are “terrorists” and they really are of the Muslim belief and they really, really don’t like us. Imagine how “embarrassed” they will be when they find that the big O and his team, those people they put in office and support so fully, really will be right there, next in line to Bernie as their remaining funds are pulled out of their accounts so that the “wealth can be spread”. I can’t imagine how “embarrassing” that can be. Can you?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jolly Holly Ho Ho

Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree! Wherefore art thou Christmas tree?

I am once again, this is the second year in a row, not putting my tree up. Now, stop with the looks, I mean it. I know those looks. I used to give my mother that look. My reasons are not of the bah humbug variety. Seriously. Not. We have a house that snugly fits four people tops. We entertain in the Spring Summer and Indian Summer since during those times the weather is such that we stay outside. Christmas Eve will see at least 14 people jammed, and I mean jammed, into this cozy cottage. The dining table is moved into the living room and a card table is placed at the end and the kitchen area where the dining table was moved from has a fold away table put in place which holds food and people who cannot sit at the bigger table and we also have been known to use TV trays for the corner seats and so, as you can plainly see, no room for a tree. Oh, once upon a time I put the tree into the mix but now, all those tiny tots are bigger that I am and the tree? She has no place to be.

I love no tree when the season is over because as you can plainly see, no tree means no clean up of the area, no removing ornaments and storing in hard to get to places and so on and so forth. Now, before the festive eve of Christmas, I feel sad that we have no tree. The answer of course is a bigger house, smaller family, someone else do the cooking and serving and ask us over. Fat Chance on any of those things. I have a good rant in the works to get rid of the pent up rage I feel when I deal with one of the sisters-in-law. Later with that one.

Why are some of the family members so determined to make every family event THEIR family event? Help me through this and I swear, next year, I am booking a cruise.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Take a Look at Her

Just thought I would change my mood from where it was and do this. My darling girl with her Christmas scarf. Isn't she pretty? That scarf will be removed immediately since if it remains on for more than the length of time it takes to take the picture?, she eats it. This is her second Christmas scarf actually. She has been with us for two years now and she is the best. She loves everything and everybody. The group we adopted her from is called For the Love of Dog and they are ever searching for Rotties in need of homes. They travel all over the country and bring the pooch(es) back for fostering and then adoption. They take care to see that the dogs are well behaved, trainable and in good health. A great deal of time and effort in addition to funds are expended to be sure these dogs are shining examples of the breed. If the dog is not a good fit with the person or family that adopts it, they take the dog back. In fact, they insist on taking the dog back. Our Christmas giving will be to them as well as a couple of other agencies.
And now, I must return to the real world. I think today I will avoid all headlines and talk shows. I am in a slump and there are too many horrors out there. I will call my girl and scratch her ears and feel my blood pressure lower.