Friday, April 25, 2008

One or Many

Quite some time ago I developed a theory about the difference between the Old and New Testament. In my infantile pea brain I proclaimed that in the Old Testament God dealt with entire populations. People were not so much individuals as crowds. Every now and then one would be singled out....Abraham and his family were all seen as individuals but sinners who dwelled in Sodom and Gomorrah? Well they were in a group and they went in a group to judgement. This gets way more detailed in my delivery. I went through the Old Testament for quite some time finding examples of group judgement and individual treatment. Groups out weigh the individual by a lot.

The New Testament however is where the individual comes into his/her own. Thank You Jesus. God walked on earth and now is our champion as individuals. Oh, we are still part of a group and there are times when entire groups go astray and the judgement? It can still be a group thing but isn't. Every individual is responsible for his/her own salvation and that is through a relationship with Jesus, grace from God and faith as it is written. Be in the world but not of the world.

OK so I have once again simplified this whole thing but in my mind that is a major difference. Where am I going with this and why am I going there? Well here. I just read a review over at about the last secret of Fatima. I read through and Wham! there it is! The group and the individual theory that my pea brain had mulled over for a long time. Catholic theologians are really deep and deserve more of my attention. As if that's what they've been waiting for.....Gemma! At last you are paying attention to our writings! Now, the world can revolve more certainly.

What a maroon I am! I must off to search and ponder. Have a nice one. God Bless.

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