Monday, October 30, 2006

Big Blue

Listened to the radio yesterday as we drove to many scenic vistas. The day was glorious and windy like a hurricane and between the blinding sun, bright blue sky and huge breakers at the National Seashore it was tough to decide which made the day more perfect. Back to the radio. Listened to Satellite Sisters, one of my favorite shows that has changed time slots so I keep missing it. They had a guest on who had written a memoir called Parched. The book sounds right up my alley and it’s been out a while which means the next memoir she is writing will not be that long to hit the stores so I won’t be kept waiting forever. Books were the order of the day since we were on our way to a bookstore to buy Howie Carr’s book, The Brothers Bulger, and say hi to Howie and have him sign the book. We did all of those things and how cool is that. We love Howie.

Following the purchase, meeting and signing we toured the area as explained above. I have to order the book Parched through my library account since we are on a BUDGET. I guess the Howie book was one of those “just this once” kind of things. Well we try but not for long stretches of time. Baby steps.

I am, as my aunt used to say, blue.

Not blue like the sky but blue like a mood.

I will be less blue soon I hope and will elaborate on the whys and wherefore’s of blueness.


Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm so empty

October 22, 2006

Never put this in the blog so I will now. Not that it’s so swell but it’s me and how I was on the date entered above.

I have been reading everything as I do on Sunday morning. I have a cold and honestly, I don’t handle colds well. Big things. She is like a duck - rolls off her back but head colds. Yow!

It’s always so clear in my head and then I go to the computer and write where it clogs up and sneezes. Not my cold this time, my thoughts. How do I get them out clearly? I have always thought I was orderly. Actually, I love order. I need someone else to neaten up however. This may be a result of my mother always zipping around in her apron and pin curls. She wielded a mean dust rag, vacuum cleaner and mop. The house was always neat and clean and smelled of Lemon Pledge. I watched in awe and never participated. I did work as a chamber maid during my summers here when I was in college. I learned from the motel owner how to glisten up a bathroom and how to make a mean hospital corner. I believe that it is thanks to Mrs. H that I learned how to dust and polish and actually enjoy the work. Except for the fact that you have to keep doing it over and over and over, it can be satisfying. Living in the moment you are aware of the effort you have made and can stand back and admire the end result. I, however, have trouble in the moment. I am a way down the road kind of gal. I can go from right now to 10 years from now in the blink of an eye and believe me it ain’t pretty.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Project Much?

Started off today as I do almost everyday. I opened the DRUDGE report and found that the Foley mess has a few misunderstood or miscommunicated or mishandled facts. Now there's the rub as they say. The mess wasn't a big enough mess for the opposite side or the press or is that maybe the same group? It's hard to tell lately. The mess has to be even messier. I said this once before and I guess I'll say it again. The Dems and the MSMs are like pre-adolescent girls. You know how they are right? No? Well let me elaborate.

Let's say for instance that pre-adolescent girl has something to report. I don't know, maybe her brother told her to get lost when she saw him walking after school with his friends. She runs home, she yells for Mom. She proceeds to squeal. When she sees that the plain old facts are hardly landing at all - well, the facts they are a changing. He didn't just say scram - he used a curse or two. He didn't just wave his hand at her, he turned, he approached her, he got right in her face, he pointed his finger at her sternum and actually poked her to emphasize each of the curse words he used as he told her to Get the F out of here before I --- and his friends - well, they joined right in circling her and threatening and

You get it? The layers of facts are piled on until she gets the response she's looking for. Good Old Mom is in the car and looking for those rotten ungrateful stinkin' . Oh yeah. Her brother is in for it now. Then when the group is hunted down and the story unfolds, well, that young girl bats her eyes and her lower lip quivers and by the time Dad has joined in and put his arm around her and explained the miscues and misunderstood details in the emotional heat of the moment.........

How'm I doing? Substitute any news story lately and there you have it. The original version with the actual facts? Way too tame. Get their attention. Point some fingers, name some names, scream, holler, you can always print the truth way later in the back of the paper or not. No wonder these libs don't believe the victim of a crime....especially a rape. They project too much as they say.


Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday, This is the Way We Wash the News

Time to recycle the headlines....the same headlines that have been appearing since 9/12. Yawn. Republican Sex Scandal. The Circle of Corruption, Republicans only Please. Rumsfeld Under Fire, Refuses to Resign. Colin Powell Speaks (against the Bush Administration of course). Israel defeated in (Where ever, you choose). Clinton Welcomed in .... Hillary the Hawk. Bush Under Fire, Refuses to Resign. (Oh Sorry - maybe not resign but step down, step aside) Global Warming threatens the Eider Duck in Southern Who Knows Where. The Pope Speaks and Angers the World. Muslims are in Fear for Their Future. Riots in the Streets. The Consumer Price Index shows a poor Halloween Season. Christmas will no longer exist. Holidays only and only if they have some other than Christian background. Same Sex anything rules. Trans anything but Fat. Obesity is the fault of the Bush Administration. Pit Bulls and Rottweilers march against the Bush Administration.

See Ya.