Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Transparency - We See Right Through You

I have been operating at half speed around here with the after effects of a long lingering stomach virus. I do, however have a thought or two and naturally it is current events inspired. Remember current events in school? We used to get a small newspaper called the weekly reader and it had various stories in it. It came out once a week and as I recall that was current events day. In addition to the weekly reader we were to bring in a story from the newspaper or the tv or radio news and each would present it and the class would discuss. In that way we were children aware of the world around us. The stories were our choice and we were not led in any mind altering way to have opinions other than our own. Ah. Those were the days. Now, it seems the stories in the papers and on the radio and tv are the mind altering events. No longer can the world of media rely on someone out there to bend the minds to their agendas. They have to bend the facts and . . . but I digress.

What this started out to be was a quick blurb on some scattered thoughts I have had. One concerns the transparency of this new twist in the political fabric. Seems to me the only transparent thing is that we are now more able to see through the moves made on the Hill. None of what occurs seems to be what it began to be. It is clear that the grab for money has nothing to do with stimulating the economy for us, the people working the gerbil wheel that keeps it going. That grab is more about feeding the bunch of clucking chickens who want pay back for putting this gang in office.

What's that bill about emissions the big O just signed. How can we be throwing money at the car industry to keep them floating and yet passing bills that restrict how they can do business. Here's a bunch of money (that's for the union that supported this push into office - not the union members by the way....the union management) and now try to stay open with the rules and regulations we will force upon you (that's for the greenies that put this group into power) and when all fails this government will step in and take over the industry totally (that's to accomplish the real goals of this new dream team - total socialization of this country). See? Not so hard to figure out now is it?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Theory is True

To start my week-end, I just read an article in the Chicago Boyz blog that is headlined "California's Tipping Point". Basically it echoes one of my favorite over the top rants. When the public sector is more heavily populated than the private sector, slavery has returned. The plantation managers are the public servants and the slaves are the tax payers in the private sector. Oh sure, the public sector pays taxes too but let's face it, they have a great return on those taxes, pensions, health care, salary increases on a regular basis. We have suffered that here in Massachusetts for years and years and years.....need more money in the budget to meet those demands for health care increases and you would never think of reducing the benefits or asking for any employee participation.....easy! Crack the whip and get those tax paying slaves to give more. Oh and they have to give with a grateful attitude. They must be happy and never speak out. They won't because now with Kelo, the plantation managers can seize their property and put them out for auction.

Those welfare, long term unemployed? They are the house pets of the plantation owners, the house slaves if you will. They are a large enough force to keep the plantation managers on their job and keep those tax paying field slaves also known as private sector employees moving and shaking.

You think I'm crazy???? How much of that 850 trillion did you vote to spend? Yeah. I thought so.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Political Courtesy - an Oxymoron?

No one probably is that interested you think that Gov Paterson let Caroline know he wasn't going to select her to replace Hill so that she could issue a press release that she was withdrawing her name? I do.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Just Tired of All of It

Happy MLK Birthday. Some of us are working and others are not. I have been doing my usual circling around the blogs and naturally there is a lot of hype about tomorrow. It is very exciting to see true freedom in action and that is evidenced daily here in my country, tomorrow being the pinnacle of true freedom in action. Inaugurating a president is impressive and we have had many of these events - probably no one living ever voted for each and ever president who was inaugurated. There have been many I didn't vote for, didn't agree with and honestly, from a purely instinctive reaction, I didn't like on a personal level, not that he cared. I can honestly say that even those I was disgusted with had my loyalty.

I know Clinton was not someone I would want in my house but the abuse heaped on the man made me uncomfortable. He was our president after all. The past eight years have found me to be embarrassed for our country. Leaders, adult people with great responsibilities, educators, authors, neighbors I thought were grown up, I could go on but I won't, anyhow all of these people spread untruths and innuendos as if they were truths and plain old nasty insulting horrible names about a man they may not have liked but who was their president. (Take all that stupid adolescent "He stole the election " foolish talk which has long since been debunked and by the NY Times at that and zip it) He was our president and it really made me ashamed of a whole lot of people that he was always referred to as "BUSH" with a sneer. Obama by the way has been referred to only as President-Elect Obama and never "OBAMA" and certainly never with a sneer. Nothing but respect is shown and it should be - f0r the office. The man will earn respect as he goes....the office earned that respect many years ago.

I am reminded of the 6th grade when I check in on some of these blogs and see the nonsense they promote. You remember 6th grade don't you? Whatever little girl or boy was better looking or smarter or more popular or seemed to have more stuff, that little boy or girl was fair game. Whatever stories you heard could be spread around...never had to check to see if they were true, as long as they were mean and tore that kid down - then you felt better. Well that's what we have been inundated with for 8 years. Stories that were not true or sort of true or really what we want to hear - we don't care if they are true or not...put them on the front page. At least in the sixth grade we knew that gossip and rumors were to be spread in whispers and secret. We had an inner sense that it wasn't right to do that. In order to be on the front page, there should be some facts and the whole story should be told, not just the part you salivate over because it fits your agenda.

Donald Trump, in the NY Post today said he had seen that Nixon Frost movie and he wondered where Nixon's daughters were. Why weren't they defending him? I have wondered where our voices have been for the past 8 years. Why haven't we defended our country, our heritage, our President. Why have we cheered when horrible things have been said about our country which is our family. Where is the loyalty that Trump is looking for?

I pray that all will be well with this new least those rumors and smears will die down. The party that promoted all of that has finally got the power seat. I know from the past how they will use it. I will pray for us all.

Friday, January 09, 2009

She Lives

Coming up for air. I think I'll make it. I'm up and moving and after a feast of rice pudding and broth, which has hit me like a Thanksgiving feast by the way, I'm ready for anything....mostly the couch.

Stay away from this one whatever you do. We have to go to a friend's surprise birthday party in a week and honestly, I want to wear rubber gloves and a haz mat mask (is that what they're called?). I will pull a Howard Hughes and use Kleenex to shake hands, I will not eat anything I didn't prepare (note to myself, bring a bag of snacks), I will use the Listerine spray which I will have upon my person and whatever I touch will be clouded in a mist of same, rubber gloves may not be all I need.

I am now weak and silly and ready for what I hope will be a good nights sleep, first in days. But before I go, does anyone else want to call BO's team the Bell bottoms, you know, they were in and then out and now they're in again....just thinkin'

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Struck down

Stomach Virus. Four days in. Does this ever stop? Oh, I know, it slows down and fools you into thinking it's settled and then, WHAM, it's back and although not as's still here. I don't remember being this ill with the stomach thing ever. I can thank my husband for this. He's about a day and a half ahead of me and for the first time he is able to eat real food. Oh, nothing major but not liquid or jello. There is hope for me.

Friday, January 02, 2009

New Faces

Ok....I'm back. So I met the new doctor and he is me! No. That's just a joke. I did meet him and I think I'm ok with him, the word OBESE however, appeared on the sheet that was copied for me and when I first walked into his office he looked up from the computer and said, "Are you retarded?"

I wasn't quite sure how to respond to that. "Do I look retarded?" There's one. "Why do you ask?" There's another. "I thought that the politically correct thing to say is, 'Are you challenged'?" is another. I ran out of responses and just said "What are you talking about?"

It seemed that he had searched the local doctors' data base of whatever the Dr Google thing they do is and he found a person with my name and about my age in the medical wonder history and she was evidently "retarded". I advised him that I had a mentally challenged nephew living in a group home and he called himself High Functioning which made him go deeper into the muck by getting into a discussion of whether he could blend with a group and if after 15 minutes someone could tell if he had "issues".

So that was the beginning and since there are no other doctors in the area accepting new patients and since he is young and I will die before he does I won't have to go search again. He's cute as well and that always helps.

A New Year - A New Beginning

And now for the rest of the story. Right now there isn't one. I am stuck in a too much time to do things so who wants to do them anymore kind of mood. You know? Here's how I always felt, I know you're dying to know this. I would be at work and all the time, in my head would be, "If I were home I would so be scrubbing the tiles in the shower, or the kitchen floor, or cleaning out those closets." I would be at home and my head would be all "If I were in the office I would get that presentation completed, finish that report, work on that lesson plan."

Here I am home, lots of time, my entire office function is here with me and yet . . . . here I am. I am only here, typing because the last thing I want to do is scrub the tiles or finish that report. What is my head to deal with now? It has no idea what to think. Happy New Year for heaven's sake.

Oh and by the way. . those Resolutions? I never did get to them so I have decided to accept myself as I am and see what happens. I mean, really, I have been working on change for decades and as I look back I can see that the changes I wish to make are the same, year after year after year. Therefore, I conclude that the changes I was making the efforts to accomplish are probably not very good for me. I will accept myself as I am and if a change should occur, why I will accept that as well. So I guess you could say that my resolution is to relax and - - now there I go....after I said there would be only that acceptance thing. I'm quitting now while I'm ahead.

I am meeting a new Primary Care physician today. It's January 1st, time for the annual change of health insurance thanks to the company I retired from. Actually, it's the 2nd but everything changes on the first. That means the next couple of months will be devoted to lining up the PCP, then the Cardiologist, the Dermatologist, the Eye people, the prescriptions all have to be re-done since whenever the year is up, the changes that are made are such that the group I lined up the year before don't accept the insurance I have for the coming year. I guess that former company of mine would prefer to have as few retirees as possible on the pension account so they figure ways to up the stress level and some of us are bound to succumb to it and honestly, when you have to spend hours dealing with the customer service people those insurance groups submit you too...a stroke isn't far away. Wish me luck.