Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Turkey Day

It's been forever and I wish I could say that life has just been one merry incident after another keeping me from here.  I can't.  I'm just lazy and that's it.  I think about a lot of things but then I'm worn out.  The other thing about me and I'm evidencing it here, I will avoid the obvious needs around me by doing things that are absolutely unnecessary.  Happy Thanksgiving by the way.  We had a small gathering for a change but nevertheless there are pots and pans and gravy on the cabinet knobs, pieces of celery under the couch and crumbs everywhere.  Here I sit, checking out the wreckage and avoiding any efforts to clean it away by sternly saying to myself, "How could you let so much time go by?  Sit right down at that computer and update that blog you have neglected for so long."

Well, here I am. And I must say this to everyone.  Hope your Thanksgiving was a blessing.  Here's a glimpse of ours before the wreckage.  We're all adults here.  How could we do so much damage?