Saturday, April 15, 2006

Main Stream Madness

Well the news on TV and radio just blows. I don't know what it is, maybe the fact that the people who write that stuff think that we are all so easily manipulated. It's amusing to a certain extent. Once you realize that you are being manipulated to a certain mindset, opinion etc. then all the attempts, "nuanced" as they are, are really clumsy and heavy handed. The more we resist their persuasive techniques, the heavier handed they become. I'm reminded of the elementary school child determine to make you get as wild eyed as he concerning some tale or other. If it's a fender bender at the corner of the street it turns into a multiple wreck with possible fatal injuries, fire trucks and ambulances along with any number of official uniformed personnel. The longer he goes on, the more fantastic the story. Whatever it takes to get the desired response. Be as overwhelmed as he....if not, the story escalates. That child has grown into a headline writer at AP or CBS or the New York Times....whatever... and his methods have remained the same.