Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sanity Check

I read various blogs on a daily and often many times a daily basis. One that I LOVE is go there now if you have never been there. You may or may not love it but there's no question you will come away enlightened. Today she is talking about denial and relating it to the Congressional nonsense we have been exposed to. I have often questioned how, with facts slapping them in the head, with honorable men testifying to the progress being made in Iraq, a supposedly well educated leader of the people can walk away and proclaim that the total opposite is the case. Because you want it to be does not make it so. And yet....denial is the answer.

I use this defense mechanism from time to time. For instance, following my first husband's death, I would say to myself that he was vacationing in Hawaii. Now, the difference between true denial and that one is that I knew he wasn't in Hawaii, I knew he was dead, I just couldn't bear at that moment to face that thought. I told everyone that I knew he was dead but I would prefer to think of the vacation if they didn't mind. No one had to sit down with me and step me through the truth. I would get there in my own time thank you. I did by the way and it was very very painful but as they say, when you are in hell keep going. How else do you get out?

I fear for the future. We do not have a lot of good men with microphones. The good ones are being ignored or denigrated.

Read Dr Sanity. She helps me understand the craziness going on.

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