Friday, May 02, 2008

My Eyes!!!!!

Barbawa Waltehs, Ed Brooke, get me my eye drops and bring me my blinders eeeeegads! Couldn't she have found someone without an R in his name? What is it with these old used to be power sources? They can never slip out gracefully can they? I just read a blurb about this woman's revelations and the question "Why would she do it?" was asked. The answer given was "it's all about the money" and that works. Someone I knew or read said that when it comes to money remember MINE and that means More Is Never Enough! That is so true but in this generation, and I refer to Babawa, that MINE thing, I think, is the spotlight. Bye bye is not a word for them. Look at Dan Rather, no, don't. Jimmah Carter, hell Bill Clinton. These are not go softly into the nowhere kinds of folks. When the spotlight dims, rev it up with a more outrageous story.

I have to put my aching back into a different position. Oh Gads! Why did I say that?


Joyful Days said...

You are funny, Gemma.

Have you tried those disposable back wraps? They are considered a staple here.


gemma said...

Thanks for the tip Julie...I am going to hobble over to the drugstore later and peruse the pain aisle although I have to say that it seems to be drifting back to where ever it came from.

Omykiss said...

Hello Gemma .... You know - I never understand about people who need to accumulate wealth beyond what they can ever need ... even if their needs are great. I think we're lucky enough to have enough to eat, sleep and be warm .. and to travel more or less as we please .. after all, as some wise person said: You can't take it with you when you goo .. clever!