Tuesday, April 08, 2008

No Problem

Long week so far and it's, what? Tuesday? Good gravy! How will I feel on Thursday? Meetings Meetings Meetings. That was yesterday and what happened to that "no meeting should last longer than 2 hours" rule? Gone with all the other rules no doubt.

Some of the day was devoted to a problem that won't go away. Anyone have one of those? Oh they settle down for a while and as you whistle along with your little life you think, "Now this is nice and peaceful. Glad that problem of long ago has gone away." And then "WHAM!!!" "IT's BAAAA_AACK!" Every time it returns you are so unprepared that it takes a while to get back into the old "Let's solve that problem and be done with it" mood. That problem wears a bit of you down and the nine dozen things that grated on every nerve in your body become 9 3/4 dozen things. 1/4 of those things? Well they don't seem all that important any more. Sooner or later it goes away again and you get the whistle back and . . . .you get the picture.

When that problem is a person? Or a person causing the problem, which is a couple of problems isn't it? Trust me. It is very draining. My fear is that those dozens of things never go away, you just get used to it and accept it and most of those dozens of things are really truly harmful to you. Is it kind of like arsenic poisoning? A little at a time until "Poof" you're done for.

Off to another round of meetings. Later

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Janet said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean!!! Hi, Michele sent me :-)