Friday, November 28, 2008

The Joy of the Seasonings

The joys of the seasonings are moving away today. My refrigerator is groaning under the weight of the leftovers and the interior is awash with Tupperware containers which all look alike. Can't tell the stuffing from the Brussels sprouts. The sandwich making time is increased tenfold due to the constant opening and closing of the containers and shuffling them around and before closing the door to the fridge, making sure that all is in balance so that when the door is next open everything remains where is is rather than bouncing off your foot and onto the floor. The bounce off the foot thing has been perfected here since if anything goes straight to the floor it usually breaks open and spreads out. The foot first drop seems to soften the blow and, while not always 100% successful, it often prevents the crash and muck thing.

We had more turkey than usual since we celebrated the family day on Sunday last. Most of the young folk are either nurses or work in retail and on the actual Thursday were working or had worked very late Wednesday and were scheduled for work early on Friday. So the turkey and all the rest were here on Sunday...I picked my nephew up on Wednesday and he will stay with us through the weekend. We were invited to a friend's for the day Thanksgiving and again there was more food than brains at that place. If we had bigger brains they would have said, "Whoa!! Stop with the food already. You are FULL! I mean it Stop now or else." and so forth...none of that was said and we rolled our way home where my nephew said as we walked in the door, "Auntie, do we have any pie?"

Groan...Hope your holiday was as lovely. Good Food. Good Friends. Lovely Family. All together at one time or another. God is good and has blessed us enormously.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Move On . Gemma

I have been sulking and pouting for way too long. I have to shake it off, suck it up, rub some dirt in it and whatever else I was told when I was a young'un and get on with it. Grow up! It's only an election.

You know, the funny thing is, I really don't care for McCain...what I didn't want was more socialism in the world we inhabit. Somehow I thought he might be able to stand firm for Democracy, Capitalism and the American Way! I don't think he would have, at least not where controlling the borders is concerned, or national health care or more welfare to everyone except the worker bees....get out! Without work there is no income and without income there are no taxes....get out! Go to work with you! Hi Ho Hi Ho and so forth and so on.

And so I work while my "betters" the ruling class, the elected for life politicians who care not how they win as long as they do, decide how much more they can drag out of our meager paychecks and whether they are at the point where they are immune from the fear of losing. I think that the whole balance of power thing has become unbalanced and we are living in that so called tipping point... there will be outrageous things happening with no outcry from the masses and it will be clear to the powerful that they have even more power than they thought. Once that becomes abundantly clear...hold on Hannah!

Years ago I joked about the amount the government takes, I said that our entire paycheck should be deposited in the government account and they should just send us what they think we need to live. I think that very idea is percolating in the power seats as I speak.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

It's for the Dogs - -

In Massachusetts there was a question on the ballot regarding dog racing. There are two tracks where greyhound racing takes place in Massachusetts. The ballot question to ban racing received a big yes and so in January the two tracks will close. Not to be a spoilsport here but do you really think that will help anything? All over the country are race tracks and the dogs here will be moved there or what? How's the unemployment issue for the people working at the track? Do you think that the tracks will remain as dog parks? How's this work for the creation of those casinos?

What a bunch of manipulative doodads we are surrounded with. And what fools are out there willing to be manipulated.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

God Help Us

Well, it looks like very few people thought about what they were voting for...they went with the "cool guy". God Help Us All.

God is on His throne and in charge and He has ordered us to respect the authority of the government. I and those I know will unlike the others who for 8 years have trashed and smashed it. I can understand putting this new president in but honestly, John Murtha? We live in a very sick place don't we?

I have a nasty head cold and with that comes a headache...add that to the news and I must go sit with coffee and my Bible. Yup. I going to go cling to the Bible. Hope you have something to cling to that will last a little longer that the promises of this man we just installed as president.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Think Before Voting

Well, this is it. This is the big one Elizabeth. The husband and I are driving for miles to check in and vote. We are only two but we are hoping that there are two more and two more and two more out there. We are voting for McCain and we really wonder why there are apparently intelligent and normal seeming people who are casting their ballot for the O. The Big O, and I don't mean that in a disparaging way, it is just a fact. The man is like a Ninja. What is he about and why do you think the little that has escaped his cone of silence is something you want to impose on us? We do know that he will raise taxes as he has told us so. We do know that he wishes to impose the universal health care upon us that has failed or is failing in Canada and the countries of Europe. We in Massachusetts are suffering with the imposed mandate to be insured or the state will pay for you. The bill gets larger every second. The Big Dig boondoggle looks well done actually. We do know now that he is cavalier about bankrupting the coal industry, he is against drilling and nuclear energy. Wonder how he feels about candles and burning wood to keep warm? I think we will soon find out. We know he wants to disarm us and reduce spending on the military so that he can arm a civilian task team to keep order. He told us that.

If the normals who vote for him think he's only flapping his gums, they are so wrong. O's circle of friends, neighbors and advisors are very hard core overturners of our and your way of life. Once the single party rule is entrenched, the rest of the country will be run like Massachusetts. Corruption and unleashed power is ugly. The voters exercise their power at the ballot box and the legislature disregards their vote....think roll back the tax increase in Massachusetts, think referendum for single sex marriage to be voted on...disregarded -not once but twice. The process is followed the efforts are herculean, the signatures obtained the vote is taken, the people speak and the legislature turns a deaf works here folks. No reason it won't work on a bigger scale.

Think about what you are voting for - not who. Thank you

Monday, November 03, 2008


This is a re-run of a post from September 2007

This is how I feel today too!

For the record, I am a child of the 50's and 60's. I went to college from 61 to 65 in Harvard Square (or just outside of it). My contemporaries served or died in Vietnam. My female friends burned their bras, yes, they did and marched for the ability to obtain birth control, not abortion, birth control. Do you believe it? Abortion was later. We tip toed around sexual freedom and drugs were a huge unknown out there on the horizon believe it or not. We smoked, just cigarettes, and on occasion snuck a drink with a fake ID. We had curfews, yes we did.Our schools were all female or all male and when co-ed, the dorms were all segregated by gender. We had rules upon rules upon rules most of which were designed to allow us to reach adult age without ruining our lives. When the rules abound the rebellions are fairly harmless. We didn't have to do much to break a rule since there were so many. We wore bermudas on campus even though they were not allowed during the week. Yes! We did! We talked during study hours and left our dorms to smoke cigarettes on the grounds even though, you got it, it was not allowed. Oh yes, we were the scamps and rebels. We were safe though! During the 4 years of college we knew of one pregnancy and that resulted in a wedding. We talked about everything unlike our mothers who never shared the truth with anyone most of all not with a family member. We would have known about any huge issues, there were, after all, only 85 of us in our class. We all knew each other and although we had our separate groups, we all interacted, if only to talk about each other.We didn't have cell phones or phone lines in our rooms. Each floor of the dorm had a pay phone and believe it or not, in our three story dorm each of the pay phones worked on the same number so if one was in use on one floor neither of the other two would work. They were extensions of the first phone. How did we survive? Yet we did. One TV in the common room on the first floor. Imagine getting everyone to agree to watch one show? We learned how to co-operate or do without. Actually I don't remember watching much TV. Mostly we gathered in the smoker and talked forever.We gathered and talked but not about much. We talked about tests coming up weekend festivities or boredoms. We talked about people places and things. I don't recall much going on in the political arena and yet we lived through the Kennedy assassination, the Great Society and the evacuation of Saigon. Most of our friends were engaged to or married to boys of draft age who either enlisted to avoid total loss of control or pursued diligently student deferments. There were none, that we knew of, who skipped to Canada or joined the Kerry nonsense. I don't know about you but during the Watergate fiasco I turned the radio and the TV off and walked away from just about every serious discussion since somehow, without delving into the political scene, I knew the playground scene. Yes, I was trained to be a teacher and I could see the bullies on both sides. The side that won had the big microphone and they are still pounding on it. They protect their own and pig pile on the other side. It's been going on for centuries and it is still going on. I was tired of it back then and boy am I now. I could go on and on (and probably will later) but for now.....I have a bagel burning and coffee to drink. Later.