Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2012 Hope List

As I browse through the Internet stopping at various blogs I'm in the habit of reading, I note that most have set a list of their 2012 goals, pay attention here, goals, not resolutions.  Are resolutions so resolute that they strike fear in our hearts and we replace them with goals?  Are goals so much more flexible that we are able to live with the notion that we might not fulfill them?  These are things I ponder upon.  More on that later, on to my 2012 hopes.  Yes.  You heard me.  I have hopes, not goals, not resolutions, HOPES!  And here are some.

I hope to sit at my computer in the morning and not have to clear away the potato chip crumbs from the night before.  Yes, you read that right.  I really hope for that.

I hope to use the Curves membership I recently acquired and I mean go there, get on the circuit and do it physically not just use it as a motivating tool to do other things around the house that I would never do unless I wanted to avoid doing something else.  And yes!  that's how my Curves membership is being used currently.  It's like, well I would call the dentist and make that appointment but I really and truly need to scrub the shower tile with this toothbrush.  When I finish, I will call.  So see?  Instead of call the dentist, insert go to Curves and you've got it.  The house is really really getting clean but - sigh - I hope I will truly walk in the door at Curves and move.

I hope to play golf.  Used to.  Stopped.  Have to do it again because I really love it.  My hesitation is due to not having someone to play with.  That doesn't stop a man.  He will just go and wait to be sent out with anyone and this year, if the hubster is still suffering with aching this or that, I am going.  I hope.

I have more and will detail them from time to time but for now....oh, wait ... there's one more thing.  I hope to lose some weight and feel better.  Please note that this hope ties in very directly with that first hope listed.
I would write more but I have some shower tile to scrub.  Later Gater.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

Just came back from breakfast with friends at a local eatery and then to the beach for the New Year's Day splash.  We watched because as mild as the weather is right now, the water?, she is mighty chilly.  Now to watch the mighty Patriots turn around this mess of a game and win......we hope.  Happy New Year everyone.