Monday, March 31, 2014

Just Poking Around

Just browsing through my computer to see what can be cleaned up and sent away and found this.  Don't know when I wrote it but in my extreme laziness I thought I would use it instead of doing the hard work.  That's just me all over.

I quit smoking many years ago. I loved it. I smoked my first cigarette the summer after I graduated from high school, yes, I was a late bloomer. I felt so mature as soon as I held that cigarette between my fingers. I was immediately a grown woman. Of course I couldn't go down alone so I encouraged all my girlfriends to join me and they did. There were about six of us and we sat in the parking lot of the A&W (which by the way had car service at the time) puffing away. It was midweek and we knew our fathers were in the city working and our mothers had no mother didn't have her license at that time so we knew no one of consequence would spot us.

I went away to college and smoked as if I had never not done so. My mother told me she knew I smoked in her unique way..she never said a word, she gave me a cigarette case and lighter for Christmas. Nuff said. It was red (at the time and from time to time my favorite color) the lighter was silver - in color only - and I loved them. Talk about Hollywood happy. I felt like Katherine Hepburn (well shorter and plumper but every bit as elegant) as I opened that case, removed a Tareyton and lit up with my gleaming lighter. Even better was the ashtray set for my bedroom. Odd to have it in my bedreoom since I was never to smoke there and don't recall doing so but the ashtray set had a glass container for cigarettes that I had only seen in movies at that time. Lift the cover and offer a cigarette to a talk about sophisticated.

Well time moves on and common sense prevails and by the time you know you really can't smoke any more, the habit has taken such a hold on you that the struggle is one of the largest you have ever faced in your life. I won but still recall those elegant moments, those Hollywood sophisticated moves of removing the cigarette from the case or the holder on the coffee table, the feel of the cigarette between my fingers and the leaning back and exhaling the first puff........

You know that poem that says when I'm whatever age I shall wear purple? The hell with purple....I'm buying a carton of cigarettes, a red leather holder for the pack and a silver lighter. That's my old should I be do you think? I'll deal with that later..

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Spring is making a stuttering entrance in these parts. One day of sun and then some flurries, 50 degree day followed by 10 degree nights. It's going to get here sooner or later but what a roller coaster we're riding in the meanwhile. My crocus made an appearance the day before a snow storm. They're hardy little creatures however, like pansies, they just keep pushing through.

My husband has suffered a minor (we hope) setback in the surgery recovery issue. He thinks he slipped in the bathroom. No fall occurred but a slip and that was enough to cause severe pain and the mobility he was gaining in the turning of his head has been wiped away. X-rays have been taken and now we wait. Hopefully it's just a minor speed bump. I'm the driver again and we both hate that!

Since I can't go too far with him on heavy duty muscle relaxers and all I am back to Dr Phil and the girls buying wedding gowns. Those muscle relaxers cause serious brain fog I think. He gets the dog's dinner ready and leaves it on the counter. Clothes go in the dryer but it never gets turned on. Thus the reason I am sticking close to home.

Here are my crocus - pushing on and teaching me a lesson in perseverence.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Hurry Spring

Cabin fever. Going down for the third time. More snow on the horizon. Can't see the horizon due to the fog. Watching "Say Yes to the Dress" 11 times in a row can cause some damage I'm sure. If I hear one more bride-to-be say she's marrying her "soul mate" I will become very ill indeed. That phrase runs neck 'n neck to "my mother is my best friend". Why am I such a mean person?

Maybe I'll find the answer to that on the next Dr. Phil show. Did anyone know that those shows run one after the other, all morning long, every morning of the week? Well, they do. I know. I guess I'm learning new things. I can't think of one right now but I'm sure I must have a few to show for all the effort spent watching.

The husband is recovering nicely from the disc replacement and is finally able to get to Physical Therapy. Once he can turn his head properly he will be back behind the wheel and I will be freeeeee .. unless of course the snow hits again and I am trapped here in the cabin. I am truly in fear of driving in the snow. Always had to and always did but now that I don't have to I cave to the fear. Walking in it is also a bit scary if there has been any ice going on. I shuffle along like Tim Conway's old man did.

Nevertheless it is finally March and with February behind us Spring is going to tip toe in and save our sanity. It will. It will. Ash Wednesday is next week and Easter will be upon us. Bonnets and patent leather shoes and flowers galore. What could be better? Here's a sight for our winter sore eyes.