Friday, November 30, 2007


Just read an entry on NRO's Corner. It was a response to the nonsense about the trial of that British teacher whose class named the Teddy Bear Mohammad. The response was written by the Supreme Muslim Council of Ireland and was well done. It concluded by calling on the Sudanese regime to resolve the Darfur crisis rather than concerning themselves with Teddy Bears. Again well done. If only heads such as these sat in Boston. There must be more critical issues to resolve here in the Commonwealth than whether a parent can spank their child. Hmm. Perhaps judges who release violent offenders and the horrific results of such judgements. Perhaps a Governor who refuses the requests from the Governor's Council to hold public hearings on such a judge. Perhaps a ridiculous investigation into the notorious Big Dig Fiasco which has cost over a million and the only minnow to be brought to justice is a small business which could be fined a pitifully smaller amount of money. Perhaps - oh I could go on and on


Smiler said...

There was a big hoopla here in Quebec about whether a parents were allowed to spank their children. The day after the courts made their judgment, all the headlines read: "Yes to spanking!". I thought that was quite funny for some reason. Michele says hi.

Jerry in Tampa said...

OMG! What a senseless tragedy this is about the teacher! make us appreciate our freedoms MUCH more!

You have an awesome blog!

Michele sent me, and I will be back!

Jerry in Tampa

Long Day With Short People said...

And on a National note, I broke down an watched the first half hour of the republican debate (it was all I could toerate) and listened to the candidates berate each other for their stance on illegal immigration (???). That was the MOST important topic they could come up with?