Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The weekend report

What a wild week end.....The worst Noel was the headline of the paper. We were blown all over by the high winds and the driving rain was amazing. A run from the house to the car was like a plunge in the ocean. All day Saturday we were really beaten senseless...okay so that would be one beat. Just as my husband took the roast out of the oven and we all sat down at the table, a transformer blew with the loudest sound imaginable. It sounded as if the roof of the house blew off. At that time of course, the lights went out and we had a romantic candlelit evening. My friends left shortly after dinner to see how their house was and they were lucky enough to have power. It was a blessing since her husband is so frail he really feels the cold. We cleaned up in the dark and stumbled around looking for batteries for the flashlights and radio.

Next day, the big game day, you know, the Colts and the Patriots, we were still without power and more friends were coming to watch the game with us. Since our phones were not working, by the time we found the cell phone and called, they were on the road. What they didn't tell us was that they were bringing a generator. What fun! That little dynamo powered up the TV and the freezer and the small refrigerator in the garage as well as the pellet stove. We had heat and the game and a slow cooker plugged into the generator as well provided the hot beef stew. On top of all that camping out kind of fun, the right team won. In our opinion anyhow.

Next morning at 4:30 AM we were up and moving and got the father in law and got to Boston and spent close to the whole day at the hospital moving through the pre-op drill. Now today he's back with my husband and brother in law and I'm at work waiting to hear how all is going. My husband keeps calling in reports....nothing to report...but I get a lot of calls. Should know soon how everything is. Hopefully there won't be an infection in that hip and he will only have to go through one surgery. We'll soon know.

Thanks for the prayers.

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