Thursday, November 08, 2007

Follow Up Report

All went well with the father-in-law's hip. No infection so the whole thing could be done at once. The surgeon was pleased and said that although he will have to walk with a cane from now on, there would be no pain. The bone had begun to deteriorate so he said they used cadaver bone. My husband and his brother were both fascinated by that as am I. At one point someone said that we had better not tell the fil that and then we all looked at each other and said "He will love that! He will be telling everyone the story of his cadaver bone leg or hip or whatever." He will too.

My best friend's husband is a different story. Although no definitive tests have been made yet, the doctors are talking ALS or some variation. This came up yesterday and of course, she is devastated. We have worked together on horrible possibilities in the past, my father for example and my mother and my brother and so on and so on and we talked at length yesterday to get to the point where we will only believe what is proven. Until then we pray and wait and don't fall victim to the emotional what if's. That works for a while but then. . . .

Pray for her and her husband. Thanks. I have been searching for healing masses in the area. There is a shrine nearby, LaSalette, and coincidentally (you know there are no coincidences in this world) there is a healing service at 2PM on Sunday. I just sent her an email. Best I can do besides pray and listen and hug.

On that note I have to scoot to the office and move the paper work. Have a sunny day. The Lord is on His throne and has the reins in His hands. He loves us beyond measure and all will be for the good.

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