Thursday, November 15, 2007

Strong Gene Pool

Spent the evening with my cousin and enjoyed it so much. She has been a widow for almost a year and has two wonderful kids, both married and independent and very caring. The conversations we have are wide ranging and include childhood memories, our mother's were sisters and close so their families were too, at least physically. Due to that closeness, we have a feeling of sisterness. (is that a word?) We shared a lot of things growing up and although our lives were separate we had moments in time when we spent a lot of time together. Happily for us both we are nearby and able to keep the connection. She was all I had when my last brother died and I realized all of my immediate family was gone. I am so blessed that however it happened, God braided us together and kept the threads connected.

Our parents were close and spent a great deal of time together and we chatted about that. When I got home I called her to report in and as I said "I'm all locked in" she was questioning, "Are you all locked in?" We burst out laughing because each of us was using our mothers' voices. We are from the same pool.

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