Saturday, November 17, 2007

Make God Laugh? Make some plans.

What a day! What a day! Started the day driving with the man of my dreams and yes, he is my husband, not that I ever dreamed about him but he's good. We went to the car dealer where we bought my used vehicle and got our free oil change, they give 3 per year, neat huh? From there we went to Wal-Mart and bought the father in law in rehab for the hip replacement underwear and socks and sweats and such so that he can do the physical therapy without his buns hanging out and honestly, my husband was so upset about the color of the t-shirts and briefs. Who knew that he ever realized what color his underwear was? I was stunned. Anyhow there we were buying the basics for the man and then we went to visit and he is doing great. He is a really fresh son of a gun, thank goodness, and tough as nails so we stayed while he ate and showed him how to run the TV which he will never remember and by the time we left we were hours behind where we meant to be but what the heck.

As we got on the highway to carry on with the errands of the weekend, the new used car belched, the check engine light went on and we pulled into the parking lot of the Super Stop and Shop. Called the dealer and lost my mind when the gal who answered told me at least 5 times to not drive the car since the light was blinking not steady. Skipping loads of detail here but to get to the end, called AAA waited forever, heard my name being called preceded by Aunt and lo and behold my nephew appeared. I forgot he works at this store. He was getting off work and was going to take the bus home. I figured we would be with him at this point since, see the previous note on the condition of the car. My husband finally got in touch with his brother who arrived like the cavalry and his daughter followed him in her car. She left us with her car and so when AAA arrived to tow the dead one to the shop we were able to drive my nephew home and go on our way. Thank God for family and for family that actually is there to help.

Of course today and tomorrow are now like the proverbial Chinese fire drill. . .bring the car back to our niece, meet our friends at an event we were going to together but now since the return car thing the time is all off. Tomorrow instead of going up to the office for two days I will go up with my husband and return since the car as noted previously is under the weather. Hopefully I will have the car by Tuesday and can get on with the week and holiday prep stuff.

We made a list way early in the day of things to do and that list? she has nothing crossed off. Chances of crossing off today...Slim's in Texas. Tomorrow? He's still there. Tuesday will be a jam packed fun time.

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