Thursday, November 01, 2007

Upcoming Plans

Got through the night by hiding out at BJ's. I was almost alone in that store and how huge can a store be? It is huge. What is it about a restaurant size can of tuna that amuses me? It does. All I can think of is how much celery you have to chop to make a dent in that much tuna and by the time you get that can open you need physical therapy on the wrist and can opener turning hand.

Today I wrap up the office work and tomorrow will work from home. Monday is my father-in-law's pre-op and then Tuesday is the op. Both days are early ones and we have to come to the city from 75 miles away. An 87 year old never moves fast and one with a bad hip and large brace moves even slower. I figure that to get to where we need to be by 8:30 AM Monday we will have to set the alarm for 4. Help! Oh well. The good news is that he checked out so all the involved doctors say he's in good shape, except for the hip that is. If that hadn't happened I don't know what would have resulted. He is so anxious to get this going that the surgeon had to question him very thoroughly. I think he thought the FIL didn't understand the procedure. How could anyone be so eager to put themselves through that? But in fact that is the case. "I'm a firm believer in - when something's broke, fix it" He must have said that 10 times. I am glad that he is so hopeful. A positive outlook is critical. Pray for him. Thanks.

We have company all weekend. No one is staying over but we will be entertaining. The football game is the centerpiece. Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning. Don't miss it. We will be cheering and eating and cheering. Since it's Sunday and that 4 AM Monday thing will be looming please note we are cheering and eating and missing is the drinking part. 4 AM. That changes the whole picture.

On with my day and on with yours. Have a good one.

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