Friday, November 30, 2007

More Double Standard Groaning

Just read an article about Chris Rock and a recent performance where he talks politics and he refers to Hillary as that white lady. The story is on if you want to go read it. Anyway, it winds up with one of those omnipresent double standard statements "What if it were a white comedian and he referred to Barack Obama as 'that black dude'?" That started me thinking since I just wrote about that People magazine thing where they have two female celebs in the same dress and you vote about who looks better. How about a similar thing where two comedians or politicians or what ever are put side by side, make a statement identical to each other but with reference to a white person if the comedian is black and a black person if the comedian is white and the dem refers to something un pc followed by the repub saying the same thing and have people vote like the dress thing? Maybe that would be a way of stopping the double standard for a while.....some things are lousy no matter who says it and others are only going to raise a ruckus depending on the people who want to be offended. Maybe if we did this often enough it would work like Global Warming......beat the drum over and over and over and then....ta-da! whether it's true or not it becomes part of the landscape and we accept it or we just roll over and quit.....What do you say? Let's do it!

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The Turmanators said...

Brilliant idea! Your comparison with global warning is dead-on.

My oldest Short Person just started kindergarten in a school system where she, as a white child, is a minority. We have a significant Hispanic population as well as many black students. I am so F****ing tired of the private school parents asking me about it like I have sent India to live in Afganistan! Grrrrr.

Thanks for visiting. I enjoyed your site and will come again.