Saturday, December 01, 2007

Calm and Serene

I have not checked the news yet. I fear for my serenity. I must attend a family function today. My neice is pregnant and single, what's new? My sister-in-law is having a shower for her today and although this is the sister-in-law who is always in need, no money, no food, no pills, no nuthin', do you know the type? Never has anything but always has her nails done and has the latest fashion item, nose pierced and can afford to smoke on top of all the rest. The shower is in a hall and who knows how many are invited. My other sister-in-law and myself have gone in on the gift which I bought this week. The mother to be is registered and I went to the store to get the gifts and there was nothing on the list available at the store. No one had bought any of the items according to the register and so I bought two of the closest to the requested items I could find, a diaper genie and a diaper bag. When the SIL throwing the shower talked to the SIL I will be picking up to go to the shower she made it clear (as she always does) that the mom to be will only be happy with the identical items she registered for. Well we will have an unhappy mom to be at that shower now won't we?

What is it with people anyhow? Where does that come from, that "come to my party, buy me presents and they had better be the presents I want or else"? I will need every bit of strength to maintain my calm and serene attitude. For those of you who know me - - YES I AM TOO CALM AND SERENE. There we are....tranquil is my middle name. Pray for me....I hate scenes in public places.


Nikki-ann said...

Hey, new visitor here.

I know what you mean... People should be grateful whatever they're given.

I hope it all went well! :D

Take care.

kenju said...

I simply wouldn't go if I were confronted with that bit of tacky selfishness.