Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Perfect Day

Hope that everyone enjoyed the day as much as we did. Husband brined the turkey and have to say it was about the best he has ever served up. His hero is Alton Brown and he followed the Food Networks direction. Actually sometimes I think he thinks he is on the Food Network. He thinks I am his sous chef and he behaves like some Iron Chef tyrant. He's lucky that he is also a klutz and makes me laugh or there might be some really unholiday behavior in our kitchen. There are lots of blunt objects and sharp knives about.

His brother and wife arrived with my nephew, they all live close to each other and hence the arrival, they brought scallops wrapped in bacon and oysters and we had made crab stuffed mushrooms as well as celery stuffed with cream cheese and olives. Add a sparkling white wine and man oh man we have a thankful group that could wait for an hour or two for the bird to be finished.

Now, the meal is over, the dishes are washing, my brother in law and his wife have left, my nephew and husband as well as my dog are all dozing in front of the television. Life is good and hope it is for you too.


Carmi said...

Ooh, Gemma, what a wonderfully perfect holiday. Blessed indeed! May you and your delightful family have many more days like this one.

All the best from Michele's. She wanted me to visit and get some inspiration.

Oracle said...

Thanks for dropping by

Glad you had a lovely day :). I enjoyed your blog.



kenju said...

If you have that menu next year, I'm coming to your house!!