Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dr Phil and the Girls' Club

Can it be true? Can it be November 28th? How did it zoom by like this? Well it did Babe so get over it. The Girls' Club met last night. Yes, it was a Tuesday rather than a Wednesday but we girls are nuthin' if we are not flexible. Work schedules change and so do we. We watched Dr. Phil and did our nails and drank white wine. Yes! Call us crazy! White wine in the soon to be winter rather than red. We are scamps and wild women we two. As we took what was perhaps the 43rd sip we commented that it was like a summer day. The crisp, dry fruitiness brought a hint of an umbrella table with it. It saved on the oil bill since we enjoyed that basking in the humid afternoon sun feeling.

Dr. Phil had that banned from the wedding crowd on. The MIL and the DIL were back. The MIL was calm and appeared to have worked on some of her stress points. The DIL was edgy and all about going back into the pits of the fight and pointing out how Cruella D'ville that demon of a MIL was and is and don't believe a word she says. The son had no words other that his wife's. That said a lot. He went from one controlling woman to another but the new controlling woman points to the older controlling woman as being the source of alllllllll his troubles. Let's get rid of her and life will be good Tra La. Man oh man what a boggle. Sounds like life at home right??? Someones home anyhow.

One thing I pulled out of that whole show was the MIL's therapy goal..focus on the outcome and act accordingly. What do you really want at the end of the day. Think about it. Make it happen. I'm going to go ponder that and maybe take a look at Dr. Phil's Life Strategies. See ya.

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