Friday, November 16, 2007

Just a Word or Two About Nothing

Long ride last night in the driving rain, black night, lots of wind and huge puddles on the side of the road that pulled the wheel as you drove through. Top that off with fog and there you have the perfect storm of a commute. One good thing is that at the end of the drive was a warm house, a glass of wine and a husband who slaved over a hot stove to put a hot meal together. YAY! Once my shoulders dropped back to where they belonged as opposed to shrugged up over ear level I was okey dokey.

Today was a dreary windy and cold fall day. The walk was a killer diller. I actually had my hood up as I walked along and thank goodness I remembered gloves. I guess it truly means the end of summer. Oh well....if only I had controlled my eating and drinking throughout the summer season my fall corduroy pants would not be cutting off my circulation. Oh dear. Those pounds are hanging on and for good reason. Fiddle dee dee Miss Scarlet. Think about that tomorrow. But tomorrow turns into tomorrow and oh what a lot of good intentions go nowhere.

Just thought I would sit for a minute and write a word or two and keep in practice. I'll be back later and be very profound. I haven't had many deep thoughts lately. Is that good or bad?


kenju said...

I know what you mean about pants cutting off your circulation! Most of the time, that describes me to a tee, but since mr.kenju was in the hospital, and we have modified our diets, I have lost 10 pounds and now I have to wear a belt to keep the pants up!

gemma said...

10 pounds - sigh - not a good way to start a diet but a good result...I don't think I even have a belt anymore.