Monday, November 12, 2007

A Week-end Whirl

Happy Veterans' Day! It's a cold one. This is the second straight night it dipped into freezing. The husband is still of the mind that the furnace doesn't go on until the bird goes in the oven. At times like this that Florida dream he has seems good to me. The wood stove is chugging away and upstairs he has some kind of heat thing that really works well and is safe so it's only the floors that tell you what the chill factor is. Hardwood holds the temperature well.

Enough of that. The weekend was a whirl. Friday I had my semi-annual meltdown in honor of my dad's passing. November 9, 1999. I never thought of the day until Sunday or at least consciously I didn't. I was in a state for myself all day Friday and wound up sobbing and whining and so forth much to my husband's dismay. Like most men he was out of his element. Let's fix it, that's his motto. Let it ride it's course is mine. Hug me, pat me on the head and say there, there. Then leave. Let every man in your circle hear this advice. On Sunday I realized what the date was and then, it made sense to me.

Once the damns had burst and the water level dropped I was back on course. Saturday we went back to the other house where a grand wine tasting was held at a local liquor store. We met the wine manager 13 or 14 years ago when he first started and when we were first interested in better than jug wine. Joe has been a good friend and advisor of fine wines at reasonable prices ever since. The tasting is huge and is for the Holidays. Something like 200 bottles of wine are open for tasting and all the distributors are represented. Over the years we have gotten to know most of them and since the husband has been hibernating on the other side of the bridge since 1999 with only infrequent sightings, he was greeted like a long lost relative. One fellow in the crowd wanted to know if he was the newly elected mayor. LOL.

We met lots of old friends and neighbors and former co-workers so the event was like a GIANT cocktail party. Being older and wiser, the older part for sure, we managed to behave like sophisticated wine tasters and with few exceptions we actually poured the wine out. We met a couple of really good friends who have been busy and unavailable as have we. We decided to go to dinner and did so. We spent the dinner hour(s) catching up and laughing and enjoying the company so much that we made plans to get away for a long weekend. Now if we can all find the time.

We went to visit the father-in-law and he is doing great. He really had a major surgery and the nurse was saying that a 30 year old would have some troubles with the replacement he has had and when she saw how he was doing and learned his age she was gushing with the good reports. He will be going to a rehab before he goes home, thank you Lord, and we should find out when and where this week. Thank you for your prayers.

Finished the week end off with a furniture moving experience. We brought a bureau down to this house where we hope to be forever (how long is that again?) and we vowed not to do that again. We're too old for that kind of heavy lifting. A good and younger and stronger friend came over to help my husband and I just said Thank you over and over and over as they brought it upstairs to the bedroom in this house. We gave him a ton (yeah it's heavy) of the bread pudding we made on Friday and he called later to lavish praise on our efforts. It really was excellent, bourbon soaked raisins and a bourbon sauce to top it off. You get a little giddy if you eat enough of it.

Now the week begins and thanks to our Veterans I have a day off to catch up on all the things I couldn't do over the week-end. I'm off to do the laundry and the shopping and so on and so on. Have a wonderful day whether you have a holiday or not. Blessings on you all.

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