Friday, November 30, 2007

You Could Be a Star

One of the things I routinely do is sit down with coffee first thing and check all the headlines. You know, Drudge, Fox, CNN etc. I love to check out the NY Post. The site is great and it provides a lot of information in all areas especially gossip. They have a column called Page Six. I go there and cycle through each of the blurbs. Here's a news flash. I know nearly none of the people they are talking about, makes for a great exercise in my old speed reading course. Once again this morning I went there and once again, nothing. Oh, I recognized the Mary Kate whatever her name is twin , Eliot Spitzer, and Tony Bennett but then? Nothing.

I further realized how out of touch with all that nonsense I am when my nephew and I sat down and looked at the People magazine site and went through the who looks better spot. I had no clue who those girls were in most cases. We looked at pictures of two attractive women wearing basically the same dress and were asked who looked better Rita or Ayisha? Neither one of us knew who was who and the choice given was not the right or the left, or the blond or the brunette. No. You had to know the names of those two and we failed. My friend was a bit better than we since she occasionally watched Dancing with the Stars or Survivor and I guess that's where the new star crop is coming from. I must say that I finally have put to rest any leftover celeb worship from the days when I had James Garner as Maverick posters all over my bedroom walls. These new celebs might as well be the man on the street and in fact are. They just happen to be on TV or in the news and in reality that is what it always has been. Wish I had known then what I know now.

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kenju said...

We idolize them when we are young, and we want to be like them - and then when we are older, we realize they are just people who put their panties on the same way we do....LOL. I, too, have trouble identifying the newest crop of "stars"! Michele says hi.