Monday, October 01, 2007

October is here! October is here! Yikes, how did this happen? I know that it's just a bunch of days one after the other and then. . . here is October! But still, all those days did happen and what speeds everything up as we get older? Maybe it's just as well since as we age we feel more physical aches and pains and creaks and groans so sooner is better to pull up the covers and sleep through it. Thus, the solution of the day whizzing by. We also tend to think differently when we age. Now the clouds that used to be on the horizon are actually overhead and dimming the brightness of the sun. Thus the solution of the day whizzing by since it isn't always so promising. See? There's a good reason for all of this.

The reasons are good and the weather is glorious and what we should do with the bright patches is get out enjoy and after all that fresh air and healthy exercise we'll get a good night's sleep for a change since the other part of aging includes days whizzin by and night's dragging as we think of all the awful things that might be out there waiting tomorrow or of all the things we coulda woulda shoulda done blah blah.

Tell you what....I'm outta here and into that fabulous fall air. Happy pumpkins and corn stalks and candy corn. What could be better?

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