Monday, October 15, 2007

Can't be Done

The weekend was a lot like walking in circles. We moved around a lot, got really tired and accomplished zero.

Saturday we spent the day at the emergency room with my FIL. His hip replacement needs replacement and until it gets done it dislocates or causes so much pain he can barely stand it. They gave him pain medication and sent him home and by is done. We went home to the baseball game and total depression since . . . the Sox? how could they??? But they did. Oh well, it's only a game.

Sunday. Get the to do list out that didn't get done on Saturday and do it. However - every errand in every store was a giant waste of time. The store was out of whatever we needed in each and every case. Oh, don't get me wrong, we piled up the purchases but they were not on the list. My husband said as we walked to the car from yet another unsuccessful tour through a store, we will never have to leave the house since the only way to find what we are looking for in each and every instance is to go on line. He is right.

I am going on line and see if we can get the list lined out.

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